January 31, 2018 1.50 pm This story is over 70 months old

Lincolnshire Police officers saved burning shoplifter who was electrocuted on railway line

They saved his life.

A Grantham shoplifter on fire after being electrocuted while on railway lines had his life saved by two heroic Lincolnshire Police officers.

PC Jordan Bathie-Drexler and colleague PC Ben Moden chased the shoplifter who managed to escape through Grantham town centre on Tuesday, April 28.

The man managed to jump onto the East Coast mainline, and ran towards an oncoming train.

After tracking him, the officers saw the suspect climb an overhead gantry beside the railway line.

When he climbed down, he put his foot on an earth connection and horizontal electrical cable, causing him to be electrocuted by 25,000 volts.

He was thrown from a significant height and set on fire.

The two officers heroically used their uniforms to extinguish the flames, and performed first aid until paramedics arrived on scene.

Their actions saved the man’s life.

Both were presented with Royal Humane Society Parchments and Certificates of Chief Constable’s Commendation at a Lincolnshire Police awards ceremony on Tuesday, January 30.