June 5, 2018 4.47 pm This story is over 49 months old

“Use both lanes”: Councillor decries Canwick Road misuse

“No one uses the right hand lane”

A local district councillor has shared frustration at drivers’ “misuse” of dual lanes on Canwick Road.

Steve Clegg, 57, photographer and Lincolnshire Independent North Kesteven District Council Councillor, contacted The Lincolnite to point out avoidable congestion seen on numerous journeys into the city.

He claimed the majority of drivers ‘don’t use both lanes’ and aren’t merging correctly, despite recent investment in the roads network.

He added he had even been “blocked” from re-entering the inside lane as the road narrows.

In 2015, Lincolnshire County Council marked the completion of a £5 million scheme to introduce wider lanes on Canwick Road and ease congestion on approaches to the South Park Avenue junction. 

“I travel along the road frequently into Lincoln and no one uses the right hand lane”, said Councillor Clegg.

“The closed signs are on, but that is for the section after the traffic lights.

“How much has been spent on widening this road, only for people to now not use the second lane?

“I recall a similar situation in Abingdon where authorities had to erect a sign telling people (in words) what to do.

“A while ago the I used the road I was one of only two other vehicles who used the outer lane.

“The drivers on the inside lane were blocking our attempts to merge into their lane. That was until the other vehicle in my lane turned on it’s blue lights – it was an unmarked police vehicle!”

He did however excuse new-to-Lincoln drivers and suggested that clearer signposting might be a practical solution to encouraging use of both lanes.

Signs to change

A Lincolnshire County Council spokesperson said: “We’re aware that these lanes aren’t being used to their full capacity, and understand that some people can find this frustrating.

“Department for Transport rules specify that we have to give motorists advance warning a certain distance before the lane closes. That means we can’t move the sign near Washingborough Road any closer to the junction.

“However, we are intending to alter the signage later this year in a bid to make things clearer.

“In addition, earlier this year, we removed the advanced signage located at the beginning of the two lanes. Hopefully, this will help improve things.”

In 2016, the Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership issued a reminder to drivers of how to merge lanes currently, adding that drivers caught straddling lanes or driving carelessly would be handed Fixed Penalty Notices.

When queueing to move into a single lane from a dual carriageway, do you use all available lanes? You should.

Diagram: Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership

When a dual carriageway becomes a single one, or as directed by a contraflow system, according to Rule 134 of The Highway Code “You should follow the signs and road markings as directed.

“In congested road conditions do not change lanes unnecessarily. Merging in turn is recommended.’

“Using all available lanes and merging in turn before the reduction in carriageway will help prevent traffic congestion on the road network.”

Do drivers on Canwick Road need to practice lane etiquette? Let us know your experiences in the comments section below.