July 5, 2018 4.34 pm This story is over 68 months old

Man’s crimes under command of slavery gang cleared

Charges against him have been dropped.

Lincolnshire Police have successfully quashed a man’s convictions for crimes committed under the force of notorious captors.

As reported previously, officers spent the last three months attempting to clear the name of a man held as a slave and made to steal metal from a disused Leeds nightclub for his keepers.

In late May 2018, Lincolnshire Police became aware that the man had received a notice in relation to the crime and attempted to help him get the condition re-examined.

The case was heard at Leeds Magistrates Court on Thursday, July 5 and all charges were withdrawn.

The court heard how the Rooney family, sentenced for running a modern day slavery camp near Lincoln, to commit multiple offences.

Victims were forced to live in foul conditions

Many of their victims had their convictions overturned in light of the information, but one man had received an enforcement notice in relation to an outstanding fine from several years ago.


A Lincolnshire Police spokesperson said: “The details of this case and the background were heard in Leeds Magistrates Court today.

“The presiding judge decided that the convictions and sentences in relation to the charges should be set aside and the original offences withdrawn.

“In essence, the convictions and sentences in relation to this individual have now been quashed.”