August 20, 2018 4.00 pm This story is over 63 months old

Lincolnite of the week: Steampunk Alice

She wears eye catching outfits, but it’s her voice that gets people talking

Take a journey down a musical rabbit hole, as Lincoln-based Alice’s Night Circus blends the weird and wonderful world of Steampunk with the circus.

When Alice was at school, she was obsessed with the Lion King and knew all of the words to The Circle of Life.

She started to sing along and before she knew it, the choirmaster picked out her voice and put her in the choir – which was the start of her singing career.

Alice, whose real name is Julia Scott, has combined her love of Steampunk with her passion and talent for singing to create Alice’s Night Circus.

With her staggering vocals, she has sparked comparisons with huge artists like Florence and the Machine.

Now, she will be performing at the Lincoln Steampunk Festival, which returns to the city for its tenth year from August 24 to August 27.

The ringmaster Alice has sparked comparisons to big artists. Photo: Gary Nicolls.

Julia Scott told The Lincolnite: “I was selling some of the items that I make when a woman came up to me and said that my stuff would go down really well with the Steampunks.

“I had never heard the word before and thought ‘who are the Steampunks?’ so I had a look online, saw these incredible images, and that’s when I found my people.”

Alice’s Night Circus will be releasing her debut album, called Metamorphose, at the weekend and it will be available online.

Catch her performing live at 3:30pm on August 26 at Lincoln Castle and later that evening at the Engine Shed.

Watch the full video for a taste of the weird and wonderful world of Alice’s Night Circus.