August 23, 2018 9.45 am This story is over 39 months old

Rewind: GCSE results day in Lincoln

Students find out their GCSE grades live.

The long summer wait is over! Pupils across Lincoln and Lincolnshire will today find out their GCSE results.

In England, traditional A* to G grades have been replaced with a 9 to 1 system, with 9 the highest mark.

New courses feature much less coursework than the old GSCE qualifications and modular courses and it will be much rarer for students to achieve the highest possible grade.

Follow our rolling coverage as students in Lincolnshire find out their results.

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23rd August 2018 9:51am

Good morning and welcome to The Lincolnite’s GCSE liveblog.

GCSE results day is always a nerve-wracking time for the thousands of Lincolnshire students, many of whom are deciding whether and how they will be making the next step in education. 

This year is being monitored particularly stringently as it’s the first time a new grading system has been used across most core subjects. 

We want to hear your stories throughout the day. You can email the news desk via [email protected] with your comments and pictures. You can also share the celebrations in the comments section below. 

23rd August 2018 9:56am

William Farr

More than 80 per cent of pupils at a Welton school have achieved grade C equivalents in both Maths and English.

Almost a third of all grades were 7 and above (previously grade A) and one in five students achieved the new exceptional top grade of 9.

One on five pupils also achieved an average grade of 7 across all their subjects while 12 students even managed to accomplish an average grade of 8.

Headteacher Andy Stones said: “We are very pleased with yet another strong set of results, particularly given the changing landscape and the budgetary constraints we have faced.

“Once again the staff and students have done themselves, and the school, proud with achievements exceeding even our high expectations.

“I’m really pleased for the students and what I’m really delighted about is the school’s consistently good performance. Year in and year out we are posting excellent results and showing how well pupils progress while in our school.”

23rd August 2018 10:04am

Sir Robert Pattinson Academy

The Attainment 8 score – a students’ average grade across these eight subjects – reached nearly 4.5 beating last year’s score.

And students at Sir Robert Pattinson Academy achieving equivalent A* to C grades in English and Maths also exceeded 61 per cent beating last year’s number.

More than one in five achieved the EBacc – managing grades 9 to 4 in more than five subjects including English, maths, a science, history or geography, and an ancient or modern foreign language.

A number of subjects at the school achieved above 90% grade 9-4 including Biology 97%, Chemistry 97%, Physics, 97%, Drama 92% and Religious Studies 96%.

The Technology department celebrated a 100% pass rate.

Outstanding achievers included:

  • Jacob Brundell – Six grade 9’s and 4 grade 8’s including grade 9 in all 3 sciences and maths
  • Jack Talbot – Three grade 9’s, Three grade 8’s, One grade A, One grade 7 and Two grade 6’s
  • Harvey Nolan – One grade 9, One A*, Three grade 8’s, Three grade 7’s and One grade 6

Head teacher Helen Renard said: “We are really proud of the staff and students. They have shown such resilience, hard work and drive to reach their potential.

“The steadfast support of parents has also been crucial, with students sitting more exams this year there was extra pressure and parents and staff have been fantastic in the encouragement they have given.

“The school works really hard to ensure our students are well prepared for a successful life whether that is further academic studies, or the world of work and their exam achievement is one major step in that journey.

“I look forward to some of the students joining our sixth form next year and for those moving onto college or apprenticeships I wish them all the best for the future.”

23rd August 2018 10:09am


LSST Year 11 students have achieved a fantastic set of GCSE results.

Some 86% of students attained a grade 4 or above in both English and Mathematics.

As well as this 64% of students achieved a pass in the English Baccalaureate, including English, Mathematics, Science, a humanity and a modern foreign language.

Jane Hopkinson, Head Teacher said: “It has been a pleasure working with our students throughout their GCSEs and watching them grow and develop into the innovative and resilient young people they have become.

“We look forward to continuing to work with those who remain at the Academy for Sixth Form and wish those students well who are pursuing education or training in alternative settings.”


Will in Year 11 at The Priory Academy LSST who achieved one grade A*, eight grade 9 and grade 8.

Jack in Year 11 at The Priory Academy LSST who achieved one grade A*, six grade 9s, one grade A and three grade 8s.

23rd August 2018 10:34am

Lincoln Minster School

The majority of the pupils receiving their results today will now progress into the School’s Sixth Form. 37% of pupils achieved grades 9 – 7 while, 94% achieved 9 – 4 (4 being the equivalent of a C in the old system).

Some individual successes include:

Charlie who attained seven 9 grades and an A* in Maths and Isobel who achieved eight grade 8 and 9s as well as an A* in Maths.

Yushi achieved nine 9 grades and three 7s, he said:
“I’m going to study Further Maths, and all three sciences as A Levels at St Pauls in London.

“I have enjoyed my time at Lincoln Minster, the school is very friendly, and I feel like I can ask everyone questions. I want study Natural Sciences at university. I would like to be a Bio Chemist.”

Jack achieved nine grade 8 and 9s, he said: “I am really happy with my grades; I used to dislike English because there were no logical answers but with Mrs Grogan taught me how to interpret language and I achieved two Grade 8s! I am going to stay for Sixth Form and study Biology, Maths and Geography.”

Headmaster, Mark Wallace commented: “I am thrilled for our pupils who have achieved some remarkable grades. This is a result of their hard work, resilience and commitment to their studies. Our pupils have been well supported by an extremely dedicated staff, who have given additional time and support whenever it is needed, be it during lunch times or after school.

“I am certain our pupils will continue to excel as they move into Sixth Form and take full advantage of the outstanding opportunities available to them at the school both inside and outside the classroom.”

Pictured: Yushi and Jack

23rd August 2018 10:49am

Lincoln College

Also receiving their GCSE results today are adult learners from Lincoln College.

The GCSE pass rate across Lincoln, Newark and Gainsborough Colleges hit 98%.

The majority of students sitting GCSEs at college are taking English and Maths re-sits to improve on their scores at school as they continue their technical training courses.

Adults also sit GCSE courses at evening classes and this year our adult students achieved a 100 per cent pass rate with 91 per cent achieving 9 to 4 grades or A** to C.

Students studying GCSE Pathway courses, to prepare them for Level 3 technical courses and Preparation for Access courses, preparing them for Access to HE courses, also achieved a 100 per cent pass rate.

Lincoln College Group Managing Director for Education and Training, Mark Locking, said: “A huge congratulations to our students and their families, who have supported them. These are a great set of results that reinforce our recent Ofsted Good grade and demonstrate the hard work and commitment of our staff.

“Our message to the wider community is that whatever your results today, we have places available on a huge variety of technical training courses that will lead to solid trade, arts, creative media and digital careers.

“We also offer a wide range of A-level subjects with strong links to local firms. You can get advice, apply and enrol in one day at one of recruitment events.”

23rd August 2018 11:08am

Lincoln Christ’s Hospital School

Lincoln Christ’s Hospital School results are in and there are a number of outstanding achievements among them!

1. Harry 3A 4B and Zendon 9A* 1B
2. Sofia 5A* 3A
3. Charles 7A 3B
4. Marco 3A* 3A 4B

5. Caitlin 6A* 4A
6. Molly 3A* 5A 3B and Oliver 2A* 3A 4B 1C
7. Davindar 7A* 1A

23rd August 2018 11:41am

Charles Read Academy – Corby Glen

Robert Sloan, Principal at Charles Read Academy, said: “Once again we have seen some fantastic individual performances at Charles Read Academy, particularly in English, Maths and Science.

“For example, our Head Boy, Joe Johnson, has achieved the new Grade 9 in both Maths and Science and has made excellent academic strides while at our school.

“We are delighted to see our students celebrating today and wish them all well in their future endeavours.”

Head Boy, Joe Johnson, who achieved a Grade 9 in Maths and two further Grade 9s in Science, as well as a Grade 7 in Geography, said: “I have been aiming for a Grade 9 in both Maths and Science. I worked really hard and I am very pleased that I achieved the grades I wanted!”

Spencer Sadler was also celebrating after receiving his results. Spencer, who achieved a Grade 8 in Science along with two Grade 7s in English and Maths, commented: “I am so pleased with my results, especially my Grade 8 in Science!”

Pictured: Kieron Alexander, Thomas Greenhaigh, Joe Johnson, Jack, Lily Handley, Ben Turner, Gabby Fleury, Karrie Rogers, Ellie

23rd August 2018 11:44am

Priory Witham Academy

Staff and students at The Priory Witham Academy are celebrating their GCSE results with all their hard work paying off.

Headteacher, Andrew Madge said: “Students, staff and parents have worked together to ensure the best possible outcomes. Our students have achieved results we are all incredibly proud of”.

Delighted students are now looking forward with anticipation to the next step in their education with many continuing on to the academy’s Sixth Form with others benefitting from opportunities provided through Priory Training and taking up apprenticeships.

Andrew Madge said, “All our students deserve praise and recognition for what they have achieved and we wish them all the very best for their futures ahead”.

23rd August 2018 1:55pm

Skegness Grammar School

Heather Scott, Principal at Skegness Grammar School, said: “I would like to congratulate our students on their results. We have seen some fantastic achievements this year, for example, Will Jacobs, who secured an incredible seven Grade 9s.

“At Skegness Grammar School, we pride ourselves on academic excellence and ambition, offering an exceptional all-round education for our students. Our students are now looking forward to September when they study their A levels at our Sixth Form.”

Amongst those celebrating was Will Jacobs, who achieved a Grade 9 in seven of his subjects including Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry, English Language, English Literature and Computing.

As well as excelling academically, Will released his debut album ‘The Calm’, which was produced solely by the Year 11 student. He said: “I have put in so much work, and I couldn’t be happier with what I’ve achieved. Thank you to the teachers at our school for supporting me.”

Ula Boney-Hundal was also celebrating after receiving his results. Ula, who achieved a Grade 9 in both History and Maths, an A* in Business Studies, and seven Grade 8s across other subjects, commented: “I am really pleased with my grades, some of them were a real surprise and I’m looking forward starting my A levels at our school’s Sixth Form in September.”

Will Ranyard was delighted to discover he had secured three Grade 9s in English Language, Geography and Philosophy & Ethics, along with five Grade 8s in Biology, Chemistry, English Literature, Maths and Physics and two Grade 7s. Following the completion of his A levels at Skegness Grammar School, Will hopes to study Film and Production at one of the top universities in the USA.

Top performers included Leah Titterton and Rose Bourke, who both achieved a strong set of GCSE grades.

Leah, who achieved a Grade 9 in Philosophy & Ethics, along with four Grade 8s and an A, commented: “I am really happy and I am hoping to use my qualifications to help develop my interest in the future.”

Rose was delighted to see that she had secured an A* in Product Design after scoring 391 marks out of a possible 400. She said: “I am so happy with my results! They have definitely helped me to choose what I’ll study for my A levels and given me an idea on what I would like to work towards as a future career.”


Will Ranyard, Will Jacobs, Leah Titterton, Rose Bourke

Ula Boney-Hundal

23rd August 2018 2:00pm

Sir William Robertson Academy

Jessica Chen from Newark is celebrating with fantastic results in her ten GCSEs with five grade 9s in Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Biology and French (equating to higher than an A* with the new grading system), an A* in Additional Maths, an 8 in Geography (equivalent to a high A) and grade 7s in Art, English Language and English Literature (equivalent to a grade A).

Alethea Meachem also from Newark was absolutely delighted with her results gaining four grade 9s in Chemistry, Biology, French and Geography, four grade 8s for English Literature, English Language, Physics and Performing Arts, a grade B in Additional Maths and a grade 7 in Maths. Dominika Kubanek from Leasingham, Sleaford secured four grade 7s in English Literature, English Language, Maths and Physics, an A grade in Media Studies, B in Additional Maths and four grade 6s in Biology, Chemistry, French and Geography. All these students will be staying on in the school’s Sixth Form to study A Levels.

Other students who did exceptionally well included Charlotte Jordan from Newark with a grade 8 in English Literature, an A* in Media Studies, four grade 7s in French, English Language, Geography and PE, two grade 6s in Double Science and a grade 5 in Maths; Lewis Hobbs from Claypole who secured two grade 8s in Geography and Performing Arts, three grade 7s in PE, Science and Maths, a B in Additional Maths, three grade 6s in Science and English Language and English Literature and a grade 5 in French; Samuel Wright from North Muskham gained a grade 8 in Chemistry, three grade 7s in Computer Science, Geography and Physics, two grade 6s, two grade 5s and a grade 4; Charlotte Hinbest from Ancaster secured three grade 7s in Double Science, English Literature and Art, three grade 6s in Geography, Maths and Science, two grade 5s in French and Performing Arts and a grade 4 in English Language.

23rd August 2018 2:05pm

King Edward VI Academy

Jo Myhill-Johnson, Principal at King Edward VI Academy, said: “At King Edward VI Academy our students are encouraged to work hard and fulfil their ambitions, and we have seen so many incredible achievements today.

“We are particularly pleased that we have once again seen a significant increase in the number of students achieving the highest grades across a range of subjects. The proportion of Grades 9 to 7 in English and Maths has doubled in the last twelve months, with students also excelling across the sciences.”

Amongst those celebrating was Ethan Lamming, who achieved a Grade 9 in Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Computer Science, an A* in Further Maths, a Grade 7 in Geography and Art, and a Grade 6 in English Literature and English Language. He said: “I am so pleased with my results and I’m looking forward to studying for my A Levels.”

Jessica Games was also celebrating after receiving her results. Jessica, who achieved a two Grade 9s in Combined Science, a Distinction * in Business Studies, a Grade 8 in Maths, a Grade A in Further Maths, and a Grade 7 in English Literature, English Language and Geography, commented: “I am so happy with my results, especially my Science result! I can’t wait to start my A levels at King Edward VI Academy in September.”

Dean Foster was delighted to discover he had secured a Grade 8 in English Literature, Maths and Computer Science, a Grade 7 in Biology, Chemistry and Geography, a B in Further Maths and a Grade 6 in History.

Finley Holderness and Sam Taylor were also pleased with their results. Both students have made significant progress during their time at King Edward VI Academy by exceeding their targets and achieving some of the very best grades.

Finley, who achieved a Grade 8 in Biology, Chemistry and History, a Grade 7 in English Literature and a Grade 6 in Geography, commented: “I am so happy with my results and my hard work has paid off!”

Sam, who achieved a Distinction * in Performing Arts, a Grade 7 in English Literature and Maths, and a Grade 6 in History and Computer Science, said: “I am overwhelmed! I am very happy that I will now be joining our Sixth Form in September to continue my studies.”

Pictured: Dean Foster, Jayden Johnson, Ethan Lamming, Abi Rockliffe

23rd August 2018 2:11pm

Lincoln UTC

Students taking GCSEs in Biology, Chemistry and Physics achieved an 85% pass rate, with a third of students (33%) achieving a 7 to 9 grade (equivalent to the old A and A* grades).

In Mathematics 84% of students passed with 74% passing Engineering. 69% of students passed both their GCSE English and Mathematics, which is significantly higher than last year’s national average of 59%.

“We are very pleased for our students who have achieved excellent and very well-deserved GCSE results this year,” says John Morrison, Principal of Lincoln UTC.

“The students and the teaching team have worked very hard, and we look forward to seeing many of our students returning to the UTC next academic year to start their A Levels and BTEC studies with us.”

Paul Birt, Chair of Lincoln UTC’s Board of Governors added: “I would like to thank our excellent staff for their dedication and inspiration while congratulating our students on their results.

“We would particularly like to congratulate Jay Goldsmith-Wyatt, who was awarded grade 9 in all three of his sciences, biology, chemistry and physics, something only a handful of students in the entire country will have achieved.”

23rd August 2018 2:14pm

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Voluntary Academy

Students have successfully secured the results needed to progress on to their courses in the Sixth Form at St Peter and St Paul.

Results in both English and Maths have improved further from 2017.

Headteacher Damien Keogh commented, ‘Taking into account the significant changes to the exam structure this year, students and staff should rightly be proud of what has been achieved. Their dedicated work has definitely paid off and it is so pleasing to see so many happy students. We are looking forward to welcoming the students back in to the Sixth Form at St Peter and St Paul.’

23rd August 2018 2:20pm

Lincoln Castle Academy

Rose Halward attended Ermine Primary Academy and gained an exceptional set of results achieving top grades in all her subjects. She was awarded Grade 9s in GCSE English Literature and Chemistry, as well as six Grade 8s including Maths, Biology, Physics and Religious Studies. Rose now joins LCA Sixth Form and will be studying Chemistry, Biology and Maths.

Cain Coupland, a former pupil of Faith & St Martin Primary School, gained a Grade 8 in Chemistry, 7s in Maths and Physics, and an A in Business Studies. He said: “Overall, I was happy with my grades, which now allow me into the sixth form to study Maths, Physics and Chemistry at A-Level, with AS Further Maths. I realise now I’ll have to work even harder next year to achieve the grades I want in my A-Levels.”

Tasmin Cook attended Westgate Academy, and gained good passes in English, Maths and Science, and Business Studies. She said: “I was surprised and happy to see my grades. I’m particularly proud of getting an A Grade in Business Studies and I’m delighted to have passed everything. I’m now going to study Geography, Business and Health & Social Care in the Sixth Form at LCA.”

Jessie Ducker was anxious and nervous before collecting her results, admitting: “I was a little confused about the new number grades, but when I saw I had gained a Grade 9 in Spanish, I thought it was really awesome! I have really enjoyed my time at Lincoln Castle Academy and made some great friends. I’m now going to on to study Media, Spanish, and perhaps Business or English at A-Level.”

Amy Fletcher, from Blyton, was excited when she saw her results, and rightly so! She gained an 8 in Art and a 7 in Photography: “I really enjoyed creating different artwork and now look forward to studying Art in LCA sixth form, along with Sports Studies and Biology.”

Megan Flear attended Ermine Primary Academy and gained good passes including English, English Literature, Maths and a Distinction in Business Studies. She commented: “I was ecstatic when I saw my results! I’m really happy and surprised, particularly with my English grades. I’m now going into the Sixth Form to study Business, Health & Social care and Sociology.”

23rd August 2018 2:23pm

The Priory Lincoln Academy

Attainment has risen at Lincoln Academy, with figures for top grades well above the national average. Stand out subject successes include English Literature and Science, which enjoys a rise of 18% for students achieving grade 4 or above. Students taking vocational subjects also continue to flourish at Lincoln Academy with Health and Social Care, Business and Performing Arts at the forefront of grades nationally.

Specific student successes include:

  • Casey Snell: Health and Social Care and Sports Science – Distinction*, Sciences – 8 7, English Language and Language – 8.
  • Isobel George: Sports Science – Distinction*, Sciences, Religion and Ethics, Art- 8 History, English Language and Literature – 7.
  • Natasha Drake: Sports Sciences – Distinction, Sciences, History – 9 9, Mathematics – 7, French – 6, English Language – 7, English Literature – 6 and Geography – 8.
  • Ethan Robinson: Engineering – Distinction*, Sciences – 8 8, Mathematics – 7, Geography – 7.

Headteacher Richard Trow said: “Our Academy goes from strength to strength. We are oversubscribed again for September which is due to our increasingly positive provision of, and attitude to, education of the students, parents and staff.”


Abbie Paine (L) Distinction in Health and Social Care and Sports Science, 9 and an 8 in the Sciences. Isobel George (R): One Distinction*, 3 8s, 4 7s.

Daniel Carroll receiving his GCSE results at Lincoln Priory Academy. With results the include a Distinction in Engineering and grades 8s in the Sciences.

23rd August 2018 3:55pm

Havelock Academy

Wendy Jackson, Principal at Havelock Academy, said: “We have seen some great results from our students who have worked so hard to achieve their personal best. We are so proud of them all and know that that they will go on to achieve their goals.”

Amongst those celebrating was Jasper Common, who achieved a Grade 9 in English Language, Maths, Geography and two Grade 9s in Double Science, an A* in Further Maths, along with a Grade 8 and Grade 7 in other subjects. Jasper said: “I am so proud of myself and I feel amazing!”

Libby Morley was also celebrating after receiving her results. Libby, who achieved a Grade 9 in English Language, Maths and History and two Grade 9s in Double Science, along with two As and three Grade 7s, commented: “I am just so happy that I’ve achieved five Grade 9s, I can’t stop smiling!”

Jessica Crook was delighted to discover she had secured a Grade 9 in Photography and two Grade 8s in Double Science, along with an A in ICT and a Distinction in BTEC Performing Arts. She said: “I’m over the moon with my results. Thank you to all of my teachers for being there for me during my studies.”

23rd August 2018 3:58pm

Thomas Middlecott Academy

Jonathan Harris, Principal at Thomas Middlecott Academy, said: “Our students have worked incredibly hard this academic year and we are pleased to see an improvement in our results, which is a testament to the hard work of both staff and students, and the ambitions we have for Thomas Middlecott Academy.

“Our young people have certainly shown that this academy is a community of ambitious, caring and resilient learners.”

Amongst those celebrating was Megan Epton, who achieved a Grade 8 in both English Language and English Literature. Megan will now be moving on to study for her A levels before embarking upon a career in the armed forces. She said: “Throughout my whole journey at Thomas Middlecott Academy, the support from the staff and the whole school community has been fantastic.”

Another happy student was Arry Epton, who will be joining Boston College in September. He said: “I am so grateful for all of the support I have received from Thomas Middlecott Academy, I couldn’t have achieved my results without them.”

Molly Daniels was also celebrating after receiving her results. Molly, who achieved a Grade 9 in Art, will be studying Art at Boston College.

23rd August 2018 4:03pm

North Kesteven Academy

Less than 4% of the country achieved a grade 9, which under the new grading system is awarded to the very top tier of students.

But it has been a bumper year for grade 9s and 8s or equivalences at North Kesteven Academy, with especially impressive results from Oliver Pallister, Joshua Kay and Saskia Boudiebir.

Individual Successes for North Kesteven Academy students:

  • Oliver Pallister – 7 grade 9s, 2 grade 8s and an A*
  • Joshua Kay – 4 grade 8s, 3 grade 7s and an A grade
  • Saskia Boudiebir – 2 grade 9s, 4 grade 8s, 1 grade 7, 1 grade 6 and 2 grade 5s

Jo Tunnicliffe, Headteacher at North Kesteven Academy, said: “We are extremely proud of our students and their results this year. The staff and students have all worked incredibly hard and I’m so delighted at what they have achieved!”

Meanwhile, Elizabeth Allen, Emily Hurk, Megan Malone, Holly Masters and Yasmin Spence all achieved grade 9s in individual subjects:

  • Elizabeth Allen – grade 9 in Music
  • Emily Hurk – grade 9 in Fine Art
  • Megan Malone – grade 9 in English Language
  • Holly Masters – grade 9 in English Language and English Literature
  • Yasmin Spence – grade 9 in Dance

23rd August 2018 4:06pm

Priory Ruskin Academy

The Priory Ruskin Academy is celebrating its best GCSE results to date with more students than ever achieving the key English and Maths measure of grade 4 and above.

Subjects across the board have seen excellent levels of success under the new GCSE specifications with grade 9s achieved in Sciences, English, Maths , Languages, Arts and Humanities.

Notable student successes include:

  • Wiktor Pyrz 1 9, 5 8s, 1 7, 1 6, 1 A* and 1A
  • Aidan Oliver 3 8s, 4 7s and 3 As
  • Jakub Nowak 2 9s, 4 8s, 1 6 and 2 As
  • Weronika Kijewska 1 9, 5 8s, 2 7s, 1A and 1B
  • Estere Manguze 2 9s, 2 8s, 3 7s, 1 6, 1 A* and 1 A

Headteacher, Rachel Wyles said, “I am delighted that students have achieved the highest possible grades in a plethora of subjects. I am incredibly proud of our students’ efforts and our phenomenal staff body who work tirelessly to ensure our students realise their full potential.

“We look forward to welcoming the majority of our students back to our newly opened Sixth Form Pavilion and wish them all the very best for the future.”

Pictured: Caris Lount

23rd August 2018 4:12pm

Giles Academy

Fantastic success stories include:

Erika Bandaleviciute performed outstandingly well across all of her subjects to achieve fantastic grades including a grade 7 and 8 in Science, a grade 7 in Maths and a 5 in English, she also secured an 8 in Photography, 7 in Geography, Distinction in Business and Pass in Performing Arts. Erika also achieved an A in A-Level Russian and is hoping to study medicine.

Dylan Atkinson has progressed remarkably over the last five years and has excelled in his subject areas, most notably securing a grade 8 in Maths, a grade 6 in English and 5 in English Literature, a grade 7 and 6 in Science, a 6 in History, Merit in Music and 4 in French.

Isabelle Bontoft is also to be congratulated for achieving a set of grades to be proud of. Isabelle achieved a grade 8 and 7 in Science, a grade 6 in English and 5 in English Lit, a 5 in Maths, 7 in Spanish, Distinction* in Health and Social Care, 6 in Geography and 5 in Art and Design.

A special mention to Catarina Leal who achieved an A in Italian, Amy Stringer achieving a 9 in Photography, Elisha Beeson for a 8 in Maths, Emilija Lekavickaite and Josh Tyers for an 8 in Graphics.

Vocational subjects culminated in success for Jade Banks, Isabelle Bontoft, Shannon Marks and Imogen Smith who all secured a Distinction* in Heath and Social. Sophie Cope and Megan Harrison securing a Distinction* and Shay Mitchell a Distinction in Music. Beth Carter and Chloe Snelson achieved a Distinction * in Performing Arts and in Business, Erika Bandaleviciute, Lauren Eades, Chloe Jones and Natalie Stanford all achieved a Distinction.

Headteacher of Giles Academy, Ian Widdows said: “I would like to congratulate every single one of the students at the Giles Academy for the fantastic results which were released today.”

23rd August 2018 4:16pm

Barnes Wallis Academy

Emma Day, Principal at Barnes Wallis Academy, said: “We are delighted to see our students celebrating their results today. Today’s achievements are a real testament to the hard work and dedication of our students, staff and school community.”

Amongst those celebrating was Luke Busby-Smith, who achieved three Grade 8s in Maths, Science and History, three Grade 7s in English, Science and Religious Studies, along with a Distinction * in Business Studies and an A in Computing. As well as being highly focused academically, Luke has embraced the incredible opportunities offered by the school as part of the David Ross Education Trust. In 2016, Luke was selected to visit the NASA Space Centre in America as part of a competition hosted by the school.

After receiving his GCSE results, Luke said: “I am delighted with my results and I have really enjoyed my time at Barnes Wallis Academy and all the fantastic opportunities and experiences I’ve had. It has definitely set me up for my future studies at Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School.”

Aaron Grantham was also celebrating after receiving his results. Aaron, who achieved an A* in Computing, a Distinction in Business Studies and three Grade 7s in other subjects, commented: “All of my hard work has paid off! If you work hard, you can get what you want. I really appreciate the support I’ve received from my teachers and I’m really looking to joining Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School for my A Levels.”

Georgia Reed was delighted to discover she had secured Grade 8s and Grade 7s across several of her subjects. She said: “I am so happy and relieved! I have really enjoyed my time at Barnes Wallis Academy and I’m now looking forward to studying Health and Social Care at Lincoln College.”