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‘Monkey dust’ drug could make its way to Lincoln

The drug is causing chaos in the West Midlands already

There are fears that “super spice” drug “monkey dust” could make its way to Lincoln after Staffordshire Police reported dealing with 10 incidents every day — nearly one thousand in the past three months alone.

The drug is said to leave users feeling as strong as the Incredible Hulk and unable to feel pain. It leaves users suffering from extreme paranoia that causes them to become violent, agitated and has even been linked to horrific face eating attacks in America.

Sometimes known as ‘bath salts’ or ‘MDPV’, the synthetic drug has led to warning of a potential health crisis within the West Midlands, just over the border.

Chief Superintendent Moore, Staffordshire Police, said: “The drug is highly addictive and highly unpredictable, meaning emergency services can often struggle to provide the appropriate treatment to those under the influence.

“Every user acts differently, displaying behaviour that is volatile and dangerous to both the user and emergency services personnel responding.”

Monkey dust in Lincoln

Sights like this have become a common sight in Lincoln. Will monkey dust make things worse?

Lincoln has receive a lot of media attention for its ongoing problem with so-called ‘spice’ – A topic that has been covered in-depth here at The Lincolnite.

Spice mimics the effects on cannabis, leaving its users comatose. Monkey Dust on the other hand is a stimulant similar to cocaine that causes hyperactive behaviour.

It is a cheap alternative to more well-known drugs – costing just £10 for a gram and as a result it’s quickly becoming a popular choice for addicts.

Although East Midlands Ambulance Service and Lincolnshire Police say they have had no problems so far, Lincoln’s reputation as a ‘legal high’ hotspot means it’s only a matter of time.

A bag of monkey dust fetches a street value of around £10-£15. Photo: FRANK

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