September 19, 2018 6.07 pm This story is over 65 months old

‘Badly driven ambulance’ caught on dashcam

Signal one way, drive the other way

A frustrated motorist captured on their dashcam what he felt was a ‘badly driven ambulance’ on the A17.

The motorist said “the driver of this ambulance needs to be given a refresher driving course” after putting together a video showing two instances of ‘bad driving’, which he sent in to Lincolnshire Reporter.

In the first instance on the A17 near Long Sutton on the junction with the B1390, an ambulance was approaching a roundabout and indicated right.

The lane is marked for turning right only and as the ambulance enters the roundabout it indicates left once, forcing two cars to break to avoid a collision.

In the other instance on the A17 at Sutton Bridge there was a roundabout ahead and an ambulance turned left while indicating right.