September 7, 2018 4.00 pm This story is over 65 months old

Is 15 seconds enough time for a green light?

The Dixon Street closure has had an impact

The High Street in Lincoln seemed busier for drivers as schools returned on Monday, but many are venting particular frustration over the length of time the lights stay green.

The closure of Dixon Street and Boultham Avenue for 12 weeks is having an impact on drivers.

There are queues some mornings all the way down to South Park roundabout and Newark Road at peak time.

Pawel Rasztabiga contacted The Lincolnite with his video footage showing long queues on Lincoln High Street and pointing out that no more than six cars are able to get through in time.

With a green light change time of around 15 seconds, is this really long enough?

A highways spokesperson at Lincolnshire Council Council said: “This has always been a busy junction, but is particularly so at the moment as extra traffic is being diverted through there as a result of the closure on Dixon Street.

“The traffic light system includes sensors that monitor the flow of traffic on the different routes and varies the amount of green-light time each receives accordingly.

“However, priority is given to the East West Link Road as queuing on that route has the greatest impact on overall traffic flow throughout the city.

“The area is also used by a large number of pedestrians, and we have to ensure there is adequate time for them to cross safely.

“We aim to have around 20 seconds of green-light time for the High Street, but it can be shorter when the other routes are particularly busy.”