October 2, 2018 3.26 pm This story is over 60 months old

Fire station calls out inconsiderate parking

Inconsiderate parking can make access difficult for the crew

A Lincolnshire Fire station has asked people to park with consideration for emergency services after they found themselves blocked in.

Donington Community Fire Station posted on social media showing some inconsiderate parking and said “parking like this makes it difficult for our personnel to get access to our station”.

The post continued: “We are a busy station with over 500 calls last year and we don’t have prior notice of calls.

“We can turn out with a crew of six in under 2 minutes as long as we can get into the station. Every seconds counts in an emergency and it may be you that needs us next!”

This isn’t the first time the station has had to do this as a pinned post on its Facebook page from January 2017 asks people to “not park or stop on the clearly marked zig zag lines outside the fire station and to also “not use the station for a turning point”.