October 4, 2018 12.21 pm This story is over 61 months old

Get ready to solve clues at Lincoln Waterside

Track down clues and crack codes!

Budding child sleuths can help track down an international jewel thief in an interactive game, Operation Cursed Diamond, starting at Lincoln’s Waterside Shopping Centre next weekend.

Intelligence suggests the thief Franco Rodriguez will be meeting known associates at the shopping centre soon to exchange the stolen $320m Hope Diamond and new agents are needed to help bring him to justice.

Spy Quest is an online interactive game that incorporates Augmented Reality Triggers and the 21st-century treasure hunt sees players using their smartphones to track down clues, crack codes and gather information hidden across the Waterside Shopping Centre.

Lincoln’s Waterside Shopping Centre satellite map.

To sign up as an agent players can download the free Spy Quest app from iTunes or the Play Store and it will start in the Waterside on Sunday, October 14th at 11am.

At this time the Head of the Agency, author and creator of Spy Quest, David Goutcher, will be at the Waterside Shopping Centre posing for photos and signing copies of the Spy Quest books, along with other SQA agents.

Books will be available to buy on the day, with anyone buying a novel receiving a free AGENT t-shirt.

The story

The Cursed Diamond is a best-selling book published in 2016, which tells the tale of Franco Rodriguez, who despite being Interpol’s most wanted criminal has evaded arrest for years.

He has his sights set on stealing the famous Hope Diamond from the Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC and the novel tells the tale of how the Spy Quest Agents Sam, Rebecca, Casey and Holly attempted to stop him from pulling off the heist of the century.

Creator of Spy Quest David said: “Inspired by my previous career as a policeman and specialising in covert surveillance and international undercover operations, I created Spy Quest, an innovative online game, similar in some ways to Pokemon Go.

“I sometimes describe Spy Quest as a modern day treasure hunt; however, it is much more than that. The game replicates the immersive and exciting techniques that I used to educate agents during real-life training courses.”

Dean Cross, the Waterside’s general manager added: “We have entered into a year-long agreement, which will see us host four Spy Quest missions over the course of twelve months.

“When the first Spy Quest book was released in November 2016, over 1,100 people queued for six hours to meet David and the book’s characters!

“Spy Quest will be an epic adventure and combining reading, problem-solving and augmented reality with retailers across the centre being involved in the treasure hunt. It’s going to be a brilliant adventure!”