October 10, 2018 10.39 pm This story is over 67 months old

Lincolnshire businesswoman leads project team to Apprentice victory

How far will Khadija get in the process?

Lincolnshire business owner Khadija Kalifa survived another week on The Apprentice by leading the girls’ team to victory despite receiving criticism online and on the show.

As previously reported, the 28-year-old is the owner of Beaux Bebes Boutique Limited based in Bourne which launched in 2015 and she also launched eco cleaning company Opal & Pearl Ltd the same year.

Opal & Pearl Ltd was previously based in Bourne before moving to Allia Future Business Centre in Peterborough in August.

Before going on the show Khadija said she considered her people skills to be her best business asset, but some of her personality traits were called into question on Wednesday night’s show.

Khadija put herself forward as project leader as the two teams were given a task of creating their own comic book.

Khadija’s team created M.C. Gogo, who visits different countries learning culture and languages. However, not only did the comic have some spelling and grammar errors, but elements of the pitches were also criticised.

Some of her team described her management style as aggressive and condescending, but she stayed positive and defended herself in the boardroom to Sir Alan Sugar saying she would take the feedback on board.

Her comic book creation got a high number of sales, possibly somewhat surprisingly, but most importantly Khadija lives to fight on for another week.

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