Melnick joins Imps’ board of directors

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Founder and chairman of a listed wealth and asset management company Sean Melnick has joined the Board of Directors at Lincoln City.

Sean, who has a 25-year business association with Imps’ chairman Clive Nates, is the founder and chairman of JSE listed wealth and asset management company Peregrine Holdings Limited.

Before founding Peregrine Sean worked at Investec Bank in South Africa and at Liberty Asset Management.

He is also the chairman of Peregrine’s International financial services group Stenham Limited and a partner in Sportvest Capital LLP.

Alongside his own investment into the club he has brought additional investors into Lincoln City Holdings.

Sean, who lives in London with his wife and four children, said: “When Clive Nates invited me to join him in investing into Lincoln City, he hinted that we’d have a lot of fun in the process.

“I can happily say that the enjoyment and excitement of the first two years, since we invested, have surpassed all expectations.

“There is however a lot of serious work that has gone into making those two years a success and we look forward to continuing to work hard on building on that success.”