October 16, 2018 3.02 pm This story is over 37 months old

‘Quirky’ protestors return for peaceful anti-oil rig picnic

Campaigners are arguing the decision to allow further oil drilling in the area.

Protestors against oil drilling in Biscathorpe near Louth were out in force in Biscathorpe Park this weekend with a ‘peaceful picnic’ protest.

As previously reported, protestors have led an ongoing campaign against the decision to allow further oil drilling in the area after county councillors green lit two plans to extend drilling in North Kelsey and Biscathorpe.

Campaigner Jane Air, who led the protest on Saturday, has long been involved in the campaign against the drilling and has voiced concerns about the ‘process of drilling the oil so close to the pristine and rare chalk stream’ that runs through Biscathorpe which may have an adverse effect on the water and the local wildlife.

Crayfish are currently making a successful return but may be under threat from oil drilling. Photo: Luke Belecco

Jane said: “Chalk streams are a vital habitat to some of the most rare and endangered plants and animals, such as water crowfoot, water vole, otter, European eel and brown trout.

“The native crayfish is currently making a successful return to our chalk streams with the help of local conservation groups. It has been under threat from a larger non native invasive species.

Campaigners protesting oil drilling at Biscathorp Park. Photo: Luke Belecco

“The issue of fracking and all the environmental horrors that are connected with it has currently mades the news headlines. The government is allowing ‘fast-tracking’ of fracking to go ahead which would bypass decisions made by local councils.

“I managed to speak to the farmer while at the picnic protest. He reassured us that he would not allow fracking to take place in his land now or in the future.”

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