October 3, 2018 2.34 pm This story is over 44 months old

Resident’s outrage at fine for parking 25 metres from home

The resident tried to object against the fine

A resident in the West End of Lincoln said he is frustrated by the city’s parking zone rules after receiving a fine for his partner’s car when they parked 25 metres away from his house.

Four spaces were taken up on Richmond Road being by skips and builders’ paraphernalia, explained Richard Nicholson, who said they were forced to park round the corner on Hampton Street.

Despite the close proximity to his home, he was landed with a £25 council fine. This was because his home is classed as Zone H and he had parked in Zone B.

Richard told The Lincolnite: “We were in a marked residents parking bay on Hampton Street, 25 metres from our front door.

“It is Zone B and we are Zone H. For some reason Zone B intrudes on Zone H on the edge of our street.”

This is why Richard Nicholson is unhappy with the situation.

After receiving a fine, Richard sent an objection email with photos to explaining that “four spaces on Richmond Road had skips and builders paraphernalia, so I had to park on Hampton Street literally round the corner”.

He is frustrated that builders appear to be able to dump rubble in a residents parking space and “nice local people end up parking in adjoining streets, or double yellow lines, in two hour waiting areas, or on the pavement and this means more income for the council”.

He is frustrated that builders appear to be able to dump rubble in a residents parking space. Photo: Richard Nicholson

Photo: Richard Nicholson

He added: “I did not realise that I lived on the very edge of Zone H and Hampton Street is not the same parking permit.

“This was during the day, not even the busiest time for parking. They have declined my request to over turn the ticket so we have had to pay the £25. Crazy world. Residents have to park on double yellows and kerbs all the time.”

A Lincolnshire County Council spokesperson said: “While we do allow builders and other tradespeople access to residents parking zones, we also restrict the number passes issued in a zone at any one time.

“This should ensure there are still sufficient spaces for residents. There are 13 streets in zone 1H, all of which can be parked in by permit holders, and all of which are clearly marked.”