October 16, 2018 11.06 am This story is over 61 months old

Taxi driver’s racist rant about Lincolnshire to comedian Matt Lucas

People in Lincolnshire weren’t impressed with the comments

Little Britain comedian Matt Lucas is renowned for the “I want that one” line — but he certainly didn’t expect an alleged racist rant from a taxi driver.

The 44-year-old comedian posted on Twitter on Tuesday that his taxi driver was listening to Nigel Farage “droning on” on LBC.

He then asked: “Why are you listening to this terrible pr**k?” The driver replied saying he had “no idea” …and that’s when the rant began.

The driver suggested that should Matt go to any pub in Lincolnshire, he’d be marched right out because “it’s all poles… they don’t let you in.”

Matt didn’t believe what he was hearing and he said the ordeal put him in a mood that only a white chocolate Twix could resolve.

As the taxi driver suggested to Matt to travel more, the comedian concluded: “I think I will. On a bus next time.”

The comedian was inundated with over 100 replies including one from Howard saying: “For all that bigot knows, you could be Polish or have parents who are.”

Matt responded: “Yup. As far as I know, I have no indigenous British blood in me. Not a drop. All of my grandparents were the children or grandchildren of Eastern Europeans, including Poland.”

Matt Lucas explains it all

Here’s just some of the responses




Some of the responders chose to focus on the chocolate: