December 11, 2018 4.31 pm This story is over 59 months old

New public space protection orders for Grimsby and Cleethorpes

Bid to stop dog fouling and abusive language

New public space protection orders have been proposed in Grimsby and Cleethorpes in an effort to crackdown on anti-social behaviour and “nuisance” dog owners.

Under plans by the North East Lincolnshire Council, seven of the orders will be put in place in Grimsby, Cleethorpes, Sidney Sussex and Havertstoe Park.

Meanwhile, a further two will cover the entire borough.

The authority said the plans will look to tackle “unreasonable anti-social behaviour”, as well as dog fouling.

Anyone found breaching the orders could face £100 fixed penalty fines.

A new order will look to crackdown on dog fouling Photo: Brother Magneto

Proposals will go before the council’s Community Scrutiny Panel ahead of a decision by senior councils on the cabinet.

It comes after the council identified anti-social behaviour as the “public’s number one concern”.

The nine orders will be in place in:

  • Grimsby Town Centre
  •  Peoples Park
  •  Cleethorpes Town Centre and sea front from Wonderland to the Leisure Centre
  • Cleethorpes Sea front from the Leisure Centre to North Sea Lane Roundabout
  • Cleethorpes Country Park
  • Sidney Sussex Recreation Ground
  • Haverstoe Park
  • Borough wide dog fouling ban
  • Borough wide dog exclusion areas

The orders will mainly look to tackle any activity or behaviour “causing or likely to cause nuisance, alarm, harassment or distress”.

But, the plans will also target those riding scooters, skateboards or driving in a such a manner that would cause alarm.

The orders will look to tackle anti-social behaviour on Cleethorpes Seafront. Picture: Calvin Robinson.

Also included in the orders are using foul and abusive language towards people, playing loud music and climbing onto any building other than for a lawful purpose.

As well as seven public space protection orders, a further two have been proposed on a borough-wide basis.

This will include a restriction on dog fouling and dog exclusion zones in an effort to tackle “nuisance” pet owners.

New signs would be put up to signal the exclusion areas.

The area that the proposed public space protection order would cover in Grimsby Town Centre.

It comes as the council recently outsourced its dog fouling enforcement to Doncaster Council.

The authority also increased fines to £100.

In a report, the council said evidence showed that there is a problem with “persistent” dog fouling.

It said: “While the council recognise that the majority of dog owners are responsible, there are dog owners who fail to act in the proper way which leads to regular and persistent reports of dog fouling to the council with the cost of clearance and the nuisance caused to residents significant.

“Therefore the evidence shows there is a problem which is both persistent in nature and unreasonable as the act dictates.”

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