January 17, 2019 4.56 pm This story is over 32 months old

Mum’s fears over “dangerous and confusing” Lincoln crossing

Why are so many cars running this red light?

A Lincoln mum has said she is afraid for the safety of people using an uphill pedestrian crossing, where she says scores of ‘confused’ drivers run red lights on a daily basis.

Emma Waghorn, 34, lives on Glebe Park and uses the Bunkers Hill crossing near Wolsey Way twice a day on walks to and from school with her children aged five, eight and 13.

Every day, she told The Lincolnite, drivers follow one by one through the red light towards the Carlton Centre, despite the green man showing for pedestrians attempting to cross.

“There have been so many near misses. People are worried that nothing will be done in time.

“Me and my family had one car speed towards us aggressively honking the horn.

Emma with her two youngest daughters

“One of my daughters, Lexi, eight, was crying and shaking. She’s not forgotten in a hurry. She said to me she doesn’t feel safe crossing anymore.”

There are two sets of traffic lights in quick succession on the newly reconstructed section of Bunkers Hill.

Emma claims the problem lies with drivers travelling southbound towards the Carlton Centre, who stop when the first set of lights turn red, but dart across the second while pedestrians are crossing.

Dangerous road layout?

It seems there is a degree of confusion about the road layout.

It appears there are no traffic lights facing oncoming traffic at the second crossing on the southbound side of the road. In addition, there is no stop line or hatching before the crossing.

Emma argues drivers simply aren’t aware that the red light on the northbound side of the road is for them.

First crossing and set of traffic lights (top) vs second crossing (bottom) where Emma argues cars cross without realising they should stop.

“When the cars in front move down drivers go, regardless of whether there’s a green man showing for pedestrians. There should be a yellow grid or stop line. It’s dangerous chaos every day.

“Some drivers go into the outside lane to beat the queues and go through red lights. Some are generally unaware because they can’t see it.”

Emma contacted Lincolnshire County Council twice about the matter and was advised to contact police about lawbreaking on the roads. She also contacted police to log the incidents and was told someone would look into it.

Council promises safety inspection

The Lincolnite approached the county council to question the layout of the crossing and apparent safety issues.

A highways spokesperson said: “We’re aware of this issue and will be looking at the traffic signals’ settings to ensure they’re all linked up and talking to one another as they should.

“We’ll continue monitoring the situation and, if this continues to be an issue, we will look into other options for making these pedestrian crossings safer for those using them.”

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