January 25, 2019 10.08 am This story is over 58 months old

Signals changed at Lincoln crossing after danger reports

Problem solved?

Highways officers have adjusted signal timings at a new Lincoln crossing after families raised fears over its safety.

Mum-of-two Emma Waghorn, 34, got in touch with The Lincolnite after filming several cars running a red light at the Bunkers Hill crossing near Wolsey Way. All the while, the green man was showing for pedestrians.

It seemed drivers were unaware that they should stop. Many readers reported near misses and scares on school runs following the story.

The problem appeared to centre around two sets of traffic lights in close proximity. While cars passed through the first set, traffic queues meant they did not have time to clear the second set or notice the next red light.

First crossing and set of traffic lights (top) vs second crossing (bottom) where Emma argues cars cross without realising they should stop.

Lincolnshire County Council officers investigated the issue and have now changed the timings of the signals at the crossing.

A highways spokesperson said: “We’ve slightly tweaked the timings of the signals at this junction so that there is more time between the traffic signals on Bunkers Hill turning red and the pedestrian crossing going green.

“This will hopefully allow vehicles that have entered the junction more time to clear it.

“We’ll continue monitoring the situation and, if this continues to be an issue, we will look into further options for making improvements.

“We’d also like to encourage drivers to only enter a junction if there is room to safely clear it or if you are preparing to turn right.”

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