February 1, 2019 3.24 pm This story is over 57 months old

How aware are Lincoln’s drivers?

One motorist captured ‘careless’ driving on his dashcam

Drivers show a ‘lack of awareness’ on Lincoln roads every day, according to one frustrated local motorist who captured footage on his dashcam.

Danny Ekins caught a motorist on camera ‘carelessly’ pulling out in front of another driver near the Newark Road Tesco Express store just after Aldi.

Danny Ekins said he sees unawareness from drivers in Lincoln on a daily basis.

He told The Lincolnite: “The BMW driver was pretty good with his/her response to be honest, or lucky. I expected a little road rage up ahead as the lane split into two, but the BMW driver just drove past.

“Also, if I didn’t let that BMW driver out of Tesco Express that would probably have been me, but stuff like this, people just being unaware, happens every day.”

This isn’t the first careless motorist Danny has encountered on Lincoln’s roads after an angry van driver’s recent attempted overtake.

He added: “A month or so ago I actually experienced a stupid van driver that tried overtaking me and had to drop back because he realised he didn’t have enough time.

“Ahead at the end of the road he overtook me and stopped in front of me and got out. I wound my window down to speak with the guy and he was f’ing this, f’ing that, then said I was an idiot.

“He grabbed my seatbelt and pulled it, somewhat an attempt to hurt me.”