February 26, 2019 10.28 am This story is over 62 months old

Lincolnshire school forced to stop ‘pigeon cull’

Parents claimed that pigeons were being trapped for several days

A Lincolnshire school has been forced to stop culling pigeons after parents mounted complaints.

Skegness Academy, part of the Greenwoods Academies Trust, has been under fire after a picture of trapped pigeons emerged online.

Parents claimed that pigeons were being trapped inside cages for several days before an exterminator would be sent to kill them.

Fiona Steadman told Lincolnshire Reporter: “I’m sickened that they think it is okay to teach and show kids this. They’re basically teaching children to simply kill off a problem you might have.

“If people weren’t so dirty throwing trash around every where then a lot of places wouldn’t have this problem.

“Culling of pigeons are a complete needless act as it have been proved again and again that it doesn’t work.”

The trust which runs Skegness Academy has now apologised and said that it will stop pigeon culling.

“We are sorry that so many people are upset,” a post on their Facebook page read. “Skegness Academy have made efforts to reduce the levels of bird droppings.

“They have also removed bird nests in the roof top ventilation systems. Although the method used was carried out by a licensed contractor this has now stopped.

“Greenwood Academies Trust will work with the academy to find alternative ways of controlling nesting and fouling and will ensure other academies within our trust do not employ the same methods.”