March 1, 2019 1.55 pm This story is over 30 months old

Another Steep Hill gift shop closing

That’s two closures announced in one week

A second gift shop in the Bailgate area of Lincoln has announced plans to close this week, although the company hopes “it will be temporary”.

As previously reported, award winning independent gift shop Bird’s Yard, which is located at 61 Steep Hill, will close this weekend as “unfortunately things haven’t quite worked out in Lincoln”.

Fern & Favour at 26 Steep Hill has now also said it plans to close. Beck Alderton has had her Lincoln store Fern & Favour (previously called Happy Home Cottage) for over three years.

Fern & Favour owner Beck Alderton inside her Lincoln store. Photo: Joseph Verney for The Lincolnite

It is a totally veggie/vegan shop, ethical and cruelty free with handmade or fair trade items. She also makes all the wax melts and candles.

Beck told The Lincolnite the decision to close will give more time to focus on the growth of the Louth shop and exciting projects being set up there.

A post on the Fearn & Favour Facebook page said: “It has been an incredibly hard decision to make, but we have chosen to close our Lincoln shop.

“We hope this will be temporary as we love being there and spending time with you wonderful folk. We will give you more info as soon as possible.

“But in the meantime thank you so much for making our journey truly incredible.”

Beck opened her second branch in Louth in July 2018.

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