April 2, 2019 10.24 am This story is over 32 months old

Calls for by-election as Nick Boles quits Conservatives

He said the Conservative party refused to compromise

People have been calling for a by-election after Lincolnshire MP Nick Boles quit the Conservative party last night.

The Grantham and Stamford MP resigned from Theresa May’s governing party after the failure of his own motion to stay in the single market.

He will now sit as an Independent Progressive Conservative saying he “failed chiefly because my party refuses to compromise” over Brexit.

Last month Nick Boles also quit his local Conservative association.

It prompted people to react by calling for a by-election with many thanking Boles for resigning, although not everyone was on his side about his decision.

The proposal Boles put forward for a Common Market 2.0 would include membership of the EU’s single market as well as a customs arrangement with the EU. It lost by 282 votes to 261 during a meeting in the House of Commons on Monday, April 1.

He said: “I am resigning the Conservative whip with immediate effect. The Conservative Party has shown itself to be incapable of compromise so I will sit as an Independent Progressive Conservative.”

The tweet announcing his resignation prompted over 5,000 comments and retweets. It was also liked by over 27,000 people.

He added that he gave “Common Market 2.0 everything I’ve got – despite some rather distracting noises off”.

Boles also voted in favour of Theresa May’s EU departure deal three times.

Some Twitter reaction highlights

UKIP member on Havant Borough Council (2014-18) John Perry said: “Good, now display integrity and resign your seat and fight for it again at a by-election.”

Stewart Hart added: “If he has principles he’ll be standing in a by-election. Like all those who’ve left their parties and betrayed their constituents. They’re terrified of facing the public.”

However, Richard said: “I know you are very upset at the moment, but may I take this opportunity to thank you for having the balls to do what you did. History will prove you are right. Thank you.”

Shaun said: “You absolute madlad, solid banter quitting on the spot like that. Great job – the Tories are splitting down the middle, probably a good idea jumping off the ship before it sinks.”

Tom in Brussels said: “Nick, you are a man of dignity. I see you voted for all motions. You truly looked for compromise. I salute you, doff cap, and would buy you a pint of your finest.”


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