August 16, 2019 12.20 pm This story is over 51 months old

Lincolnshire golf club sold to charitable trust

The club now has almost 600 members

A Lincolnshire golf club founded in 1890 has been acquired by a charitable trust to help safeguard its future.

Burghley Park Golf Club in Stamford was recently acquired by the Burghley House Preservation Trust Ltd.

The club was first founded when the Marquis of Exeter granted permission to its 30 founding members to use “Burghley High Park” to pursue their hobby.

It has since grown to almost 600 members and in 2015 it celebrated its 125th anniversary. However, the club has recently faced challenging times financially so an agreement was reached with Burghley for the landowner to take control of it from August 1.

David Pennell, estate director at Burghley, said: “Over recent years, the club has faced increasing competition from the many other clubs within the region which provide facilities with which Burghley Park can’t compete. As a consequence, the club in its current format has become financially unsustainable and so the estate has stepped-in to safeguard its future.

“Our immediate goal is to stabilise the club financially and to grow the membership. However, we are also looking to the future and see great opportunities to create a first-class venue, still with golf at its heart, but with facilities which would appeal not just to golfers but those seeking a broader leisure experience. Potential developments are the subject of a strategic review which we have started and hope to complete later this year.”

Samantha Halifax, membership and clubhouse manager, added: “We have a great story to tell about Burghley Park Golf Club but in many ways what the club has to offer its members and visitors has been a well-kept secret. However, with Burghley’s support, we can let people know about our great offer and how we are constantly improving it.

“Many people are unaware that the club is open to all, members and visitors alike. We have great clubhouse facilities, a great food and hospitality offer, and provide a wonderful events venue for a variety of functions. We also have a well-known PGA professional, great pro shop and driving range and in 2020 Burghley will host the Amateur Seniors Championship over four days.”

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