August 13, 2019 10.56 am This story is over 56 months old

Vain ex-model arrested after a month on the run

He became a viral hit after he sent a selfie for Lincolnshire Reporter to use instead of his selfie

A vain ex-model who sent a selfie to Lincolnshire Reporter because he didn’t like his mugshot has been arrested by police in Boston.

Stephen Murphy was summoned to Boston Magistrates’ Court on May 8 to answer a charge of criminal damage.

The 33-year-old did not attend so had been wanted by Lincolnshire Police ever since.

He doesn’t like people seeing his mugshot.

He spent weeks taunting officers on social media.

Lincolnshire Police confirmed that officers located Murphy in the Boston area before arresting him on Tuesday morning, August 13.

Murphy has openly bragged about how he “runs the town” and that he will only hand himself in when he wants to.

Stephen Murphy likes to take topless photos with money on his chest.

When asked by Lincolnshire Reporter why he hadn’t yet handed himself in, Stephen Murphy claimed that he was above the law.

He later promised reporters that he would hand himself into Boston Police Station on August 12, but it never happened.

Stephen Murphy previously said: “I am ready to get the court case out of the way now.

“I promise to hand myself to Boston Police Station on Monday, August 12. But there was a method to my madness.”

He added he was trying to make amends after a family dispute.

He is a former Mr Boston.

“We are now in a better place but I’m still not able to go for walks with my daughter while I am wanted by the police. That’s been the toughest part of all this.

“I think that it’s silly that my criminal damage case has been reported all over the world, but if you gave me the chance I’d do it ten more times just to get my baby back.”

During the search for him, he sent a picture of what appeared to be him holding his middle finger up at the back of a police officer’s head.