October 14, 2019 10.40 am This story is over 53 months old

New McDonald’s opens at the A16/17 services

75 new jobs have been created

Seventy five new jobs have been created after a brand new McDonald’s restaurant opened at the A16/17 services near the Sutterton roundabout.

Signifiant investment was made from local franchisee Martin Redhead, who started his franchisee career with McDonald’s over three years ago, although the exact figure has not yet been made public.

The new restaurant includes self-order kiosks, table service and the ‘click and collect’ service via the My McDonald’s app. It also includes an outside play place for the little ones.

After the opening of the Sutterton premises on October 2, Martin now owns and operates three restaurants in the local area, employing over 300 people.

Click here to find out more about the career opportunities available at the Sutterton McDonald’s.

The new restaurant includes digital features such as self-order kiosks, table service and the ‘click and collect’ service via the My McDonald’s app.

Martin said: “I’m proud to employ a great range of people, from students, to graduates, to those looking after a family or interested in a change of career. My business employs people with a variety of demands on their time and with differing family or study commitments.

“We are very excited to open our doors to customers and provide a convenient and welcome stop off point for anyone travelling on this busy route as well as serving the wider local communities”.

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