October 24, 2019 4.34 pm This story is over 33 months old

Power cut which affected 90,000 homes sparks traffic chaos

The roads are gridlocked as we approach rush hour

A huge power cut which affected nearly 90,000 properties and took out traffic lights across the city has led to gridlock on the roads.

Lights went out, mobile networks went down and shopping systems failed at 10.23am but it was quickly restored after just three minutes.

Western Power Distribution said that it was caused by a fault on their high voltage system and is now investigating what led up to the outage.

It may have just been three minutes, but many are reporting that the power outage has led to widespread chaos on the roads just before rush hour.

Traffic lights were still experiencing intermittent black-outs, causing police to warn drivers.

Lincolnshire Police urged drivers to take care on the roads, especially if the traffic lights have failed.