November 21, 2019 5.14 pm This story is over 31 months old

Mayhem and near misses as new Lincoln road layout baffles drivers

Be aware!

A new road layout at the top of Canwick Hill in Lincoln appears to be causing widespread confusion and narrowly avoided head on scares.

One person caught on dashcam three cars anxiously approaching the T-junction near to the Canwick Premier Inn before all three darted across the highway on the wrong side of the road and into the path of oncoming traffic (watch the video above).

Jacob Ellis, who captured the footage, said he hoped the junction would improve on completion of construction work there.

It appears to be happening regularly, according to Simon Nicholson who contacted The Lincolnite with concerns, because drivers do not understand the new layout.

Drivers are reaching out to others to make them aware of the new junction between the B1131 to Bracebridge Heath and the B1188 Canwick Road.

Previously, motorists navigated just one northbound lane on the B1131 and up to the junction.

A new southbound lane has been introduced at the junction near to Premier Inn, meaning northbound drivers now split into two lanes (left and right turning) near to the International Bomber Command Centre.

Drivers turning onto the B1131 southbound from the B1188 must use the new southbound lane near to the Premier Inn entrance, but they don’t appear to be doing so.

Instead, they are using the junction as if the layout is unchanged and crossing the junction onto the wrong side of the road.

The 10 week project began on September 23 and was intended to accommodate a right turn facility into the IBCC, improve traffic flow and accessibility.

A new pedestrian crossing is also set to be installed with tactile paving across Canwick Avenue to improve pedestrian safety.