November 8, 2019 10.39 am This story is over 51 months old

Nearly 50 flood warnings and alerts across Lincolnshire

Full list of Lincolnshire road closures

Nearly 50 flood warnings and alerts are in place affecting Lincolnshire as flooding continues to plague the county.

Road closures are in place, cars have been stranded, there are delays to public transport and at least one school has closed due to the flooding.

Patients at Willingham Surgery in Willingham by Stow in Gainsborough are being warned that the surgery is closed due to flooding. Appointments are being provided by Corringham Branch Surgery and patients requiring appointments should call 01427788277.

On the roads

Lincolnshire County Council have confirmed that the following road closures are currently in place:

  • A631 – Caenby Corner to Market Rasen
  • A46 – Caistor to Laceby
  • Church Street, Louth
  • Ferry Lane, North Kyme
  • Fleets Lane, Sturton by Stow
  • Stow Park Road (A1500)
  • Stow Road (B1241), Sturton by Stow
  • Sand Lane, between Barkston and Marston
  • Arlington Road, Sedgebrook
  • The Flood Road, Gainsborough
  • Westborough Lane, Long Bennington
  • Trinity Street, A159, Gainsborough
  • North Street, Middle Rasen
  • Wragby Road (B1202), Bardney

Sturton by Stow Primacy School is closed on Friday, November 8. Photo: Facebook

Flood warnings

At the time of writing the following 14 flood warnings affecting Lincolnshire are in place according to the Government’s flood information service. This means flooding is expected and immediate action is required in the following areas:

  • Barlings Eau in Langworth
  • Isolated properties and villages near to the River Ancholme from Bishopbridge to Brigg
  • Isolated properties and villages near to the River Ancholme from Broughton to Horkstow
  • Poulton Drain in the Covenham St Marys Area
  • River Ancholme and the Old River Ancholme in Brigg
  • River Eau at Scotter
  • River Idle at West Retford and Ordsall
  • River Maun at Haughton, Milton and West Drayton
  • River Witham and associated Fens from Chapel Hill to Boston
  • River Witham and associated Fens from Washingborough to Metheringham
  • River Witham and associated Fens from Woodhall Spa to Chapel Hill
  • River Wreake at Frisby-on-the-Wreake
  • Ruskington Beck in Ruskington
  • Waithe Beck in the Brigsley Area

Flood alerts

In addition, 34 flood alerts are in place affecting Lincolnshire at the time of writing, which means flooding is possible and to be prepared in the following areas:

  • Bain Catchment
  • Barlings Eau and Duckpool Catchwater
  • East and West Fens
  • East and West Glens
  • Fossdyke Canal and River Till
  • Holderness Drain
  • Humber Tributaries
  • Lincolnshire East Coast Rivers
  • Lincoln Watercourses
  • Louth Canal and Waithe Beck
  • Lower River Ancholme
  • Lower River Derwent
  • Lower River Witham
  • Minor Watercourses in North Kesteven
  • Minor Watercourses of South Forty Foot Drain
  • Rase and Upper Ancholme
  • River Devon and Smite in Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire
  • River Eau in Scotter
  • River Foulness and Market Weighton catchment
  • River Idle in Nottinghamshire
  • River Maun in Nottinghamshire
  • River Meden in Nottinghamshire
  • River Steeping
  • River Trent from Cromwell Weir to Gainsborough
  • River Trent in Nottinghamshire
  • River Trent Tributaries in Nottinghamshire
  • River Wreake in Leicestershire
  • South East Holderness
  • South Forty Foot Drain
  • Tidal River Ouse, Don and the Dutch River catchment
  • Welland Tributaries
  • Welland Valley
  • Witham in North Kesteven
  • Witham in South Kesteven

Rail disruption

Flooding in the north of the country has led to delays across the rail network.

Northern warned that the Gainsborough/Lincoln to Sheffield line would be unable to run. There was no estimate for when the service would return.

Flooded Lincoln

Burst river banks have slowly encroached on homes and businesses in the city centre. Thankfully the dry and sunny start to Friday means levels are currently stable.

Flooding at the car park at the back of Lincs FM. Photo: Joseph Verney for The Lincolnite

Photo: Joseph Verney for The Lincolnite

High water levels at the entrance to the Wagamama restaurant on Brayford Wharf. Photo: Joseph Verney for The Lincolnite

Photo: Joseph Verney for The Lincolnite

High water levels at Brayford Pool. Photo: Joseph Verney for The Lincolnite

High water levels near Brayford Pool. Photo: Joseph Verney for The Lincolnite

Emergency services hard at work

Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue and other emergency services have been working to pump water from flooded properties in Cherry Willingham, Gainsborough and Sturton by Stow.

Richard Fenwick, county highways manager at Lincolnshire County Council, said: “We’re currently receiving a high volume of reports of flooding across the county. We prioritise issues where water has entered people’s houses and where water covers over half of the carriageway, which could endanger road users.

“Unfortunately, this means it can take us longer than usual to respond to other flood-related incidents at the times like these. We’ve had some extremely wet weather recently, which has resulted in saturated ground and very high water levels in streams and rivers.

“This means that sometimes, even if road drains aren’t blocked, there is nowhere for the water to go, so it takes a lot longer than usual to drain away. Please rest assured we’ll be checking all the drains once we’ve finished responding to the most urgent flooding.”