November 26, 2019 10.41 am This story is over 53 months old

New Lincoln bakery bready to open this week

Dough not worry there will be plenty of choice

Get ready for a much-kneaded lunchtime fix when a new bakery opens on Lincoln High Street this week.

Cooplands will open its 160th shop in the unit at 159-160 High Street at 7.30am on Wednesday, November 27. It had initially hoped to open the store in September or October depending on recruitment, but it is now bready for business.

It will open Monday to Saturday from 7.30am to 5.45pm.

The store has employed 14 staff, including a manager, assistant manger and sales assistants.

In addition to the usual pasties and sandwiches, there will also be a festive special sandwich available – chicken, sausage and bacon with cranberry sauce and mayonnaise – priced at £2.89.

There will also be a Christmas sandwich – turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce – priced at £2 (special offer price).

A festive special sandwich will be available. Photo: Joseph Verney for The Lincolnite

Cooplands already has three shops in Lincoln at the Birchwood Shopping Centre, Carlton Centre and on Woodhall Drive. Cooplands is also currently recruiting for more roles in the Lincoln area.

Lincolnshire Co-op is the shop’s landlord. The unit was previously occupied by MSR newsagents, which closed suddenly in summer 2018 after serving the city for 10 years.

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