November 19, 2019 4.30 pm This story is over 47 months old

Village pub near Lincoln closes with immediate effect

Fancy owning a pub?

A pub in a village near Lincoln closed its doors with immediate effect on Monday and is now looking for a new tenant.

Fox and Hounds on Station Road in Reepham posted an announcement to its customers on its Facebook page regarding the closure on November 18.

It is understood that around eight people have lost their jobs.

The post read: “Dear customers, with sadness I announce that we will be closing the Fox and Hounds doors with immediate effect until a new tenant can be found. Thank you for supporting us and our team over the last few months.”

On Tuesday afternoon the pub announced that the lease has become available.

The pub said it was looking for “a hands on operator, ideally with chefing abilities and experience of operating village pubs.”

The lease is available on a full repair and insurance lease. It is advised to direct enquiries to [email protected]

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