December 2, 2019 4.51 pm This story is over 30 months old

Lincoln to host world’s first unique cooling data centre

It converts surplus heat to energy

The Lincoln Science and Innovation Park has been chosen as the first place in the world to host a unique data centre with world-leading technology.

coolDC’s way of cooling data has resulted in the opening of its award-winning data centre in Boole Technology Centre at Lincoln Science and Innovation Park.

Traditional data centres consisting of vast server rooms filled with endless rows of racks of IT equipment, cooled with air-conditioning units, are often found in large, impersonal warehouses on out-of-town industrial estates.

CoolDC’s way of cooling data saves ten-fold in physical space and converts surplus heat to energy. It uses less energy, less physical space and reduces the firm’s carbon footprint.

The coolDC team in its data hall.

Its commitment to making the data centre world ‘more cool’ has already been recognised by CEEDA.

CEEDA is the global energy efficiency framework and it awarded coolDC with a Gold-level certification for both design and operate stages of the Lincoln project. It is only the second colocation data centre in the world to achieve this.

James Green configuring network switches.

Tim Chambers, CEO at coolDC, said: “After much research and development, we have come up with a more modern, energy-efficient way of securely storing and cooling data.

“Using world-leading technology, we have responded to current concerns about the environmental footprint of our industry by creating a solution that uses less energy, less physical space and reduces our carbon footprint.

“What’s great is that we’ve been able to build in a science park in a shared building where our neighbours are ideal clients. Although the building was not originally built for this purpose, because our design and space are both flexible, we have been able to build a facility that is hidden in plain sight but without impacting on the other tenants.

Tim Chambers, CEO at coolDC, and Angela Meah, Operations Director.

coolDC is committed to equality and diversity in its workforce, especially to encouraging women into science and technology, and it benefits from its proximity to the University of Lincoln.

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