December 16, 2019 5.10 pm This story is over 52 months old

Pigeon feeder makes neighbour’s life a ‘living hell’

Pigeon poo is making Kathy’s life hell

A man who feeds pigeons up to three times a day in his Skegness garden is making his next-door neighbour’s life a “living hell.”

Kathy Waite has argued with her neighbour for the last couple of years and has even developed breathing problems, which she puts down to the bird poo.

Videos sent to Lincolnshire Reporter show how the man pours tubs of feed on his bird table and some more on the floor.

Minutes later, huge swarms of birds fill the garden and Kathy claims to have counted up to 70 pigeons coming for a meal.

All of those birds have been causing quite a mess with the family finding bird poo on their shed, window ledges and even in the fireplace.

There are no specific laws against feeding wild birds but Environmental Health may be able to take action in serious cases where the food attracts vermin.

Kathy, a 55-year-old cleaner, told Lincolnshire Reporter: “It’s making my life hell. We have to block the fireplace but the poo still gets through and onto the children’s toys.

“We cannot hang our clothes out to dry or spend any time in the garden because the pigeons are always there pooing on us.”