February 21, 2020 3.28 pm This story is over 45 months old

Red Arrows pilot warns against reckless plane spotters at RAF Scampton

“Please be sensible,” Red 1 urged

A Red Arrows pilot has warned plane spotters against the dangers of standing under the approach path with their children.

Squadron Leader Martin Pert, Team Leader and Red 1 for the Red Arrows, posted on Friday morning about the issue on Twitter asking people to be more sensible.

He said: “I cannot stress enough how dangerous it is to stand with your small child, who’s dressed in a Red Arrows suit, under the approach path on very short finals at Scampton. Please be sensible folks.

People were stood where the red cross is marked. Photo: Martin Pert – Red 1/Twitter

“A surprising few DM-ing me asking why. For clarity, people were stood where the red cross is marked. Im sure you can deduce your own conclusions why I don’t think that is sensible at any airfield. Keep safe, all.”

The post has already been liked by over 460 people and retweeted more than 80 times.

In response, Maxine Grundy said: “I just hope the child is okay… so so loud and way too close. It only takes the stupidity of a few to cause a major issue. God forbid a crash. Everyone’s safety is paramount.”

Michael Hallam added: “Actions like this not only endanger those on the ground but the crew in the aircraft. Please use some common sense. It will only result in the team not flying or tighter restrictions put in place around the airfield.”

@Miss_M78 said: “The actions of the stupid few are going to end up ruining this for the many who safely and respectfully come and watch you practice. Have some sense people, stick to where you’re meant to be and don’t block the crash gates either. It’s really not hard.”