March 3, 2020 3.52 pm This story is over 44 months old

North East Lincolnshire says goodbye to boxes and hello to bins

It’s subject to approval

Recycling boxes will be officially replaced with wheelie bins in North East Lincolnshire in response to calls from local people.

North East Lincolnshire Council (NELC) plans to give each home two wheelie bins for dry recycling.

Paper and card will be collected in a blue wheelie bin and plastic bottles, tins, cans and glass bottles and jars in a grey wheelie bin.

Another option will be looked at as part of the plans for properties where there’s not enough space to store the bins. It will also be possible to request smaller sized bins if space is a concern.

Cabinet members will meet on Wednesday, March 11 to consider the proposals. The new bins will be brought into use by end of the autumn, if the plans are approved.

Weekly food waste collections will also be tried out in parts of the area in the next 12 months, if plans are given the go-ahead.

DEFRA, the government Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, has confirmed it wants English councils to make separate collections for food waste by 2023.

The local trial will help shape how food waste is collected in the future.

NELC will also look into collecting different types of plastic in the new bins. Plastic bottles are the only types of plastic currently collected for recycling.

Councillor Stewart Swinburn, portfolio holder for environment and transport at NELC, said: “Our plans to overhaul recycling collections take into account the comprehensive feedback given in our recent waste strategy consultation and also what we expect to hear about nationwide changes from central government.

“You told us in the consultation that you couldn’t recycle as much as you wanted because the recycling boxes aren’t fit for purpose.

“You also told us that the streets look a mess when the boxes tip over and the recycling blows away.

“We listen to what you say and we plan to replace the boxes with two wheelie bins.

“These new recycling bins will help people recycle more and they’ll give us flexibility to meet changes expected to come in the government’s Resources and Waste Strategy.

“They’re better for the crews that have to empty them and they work with our existing fleet of bin wagons, which means we can introduce them by the end of October.

“But we know they won’t be suitable for every property and we’re looking at another option for homes where there’s not enough space for the bins.”

Councillor Swinburn added: “We’ll also be looking at ways to make separate collections for food waste and looking at other plastics we might be able to collect.

“These are some of the first major steps we’re taking to implement our newly adopted Waste Strategy and I’d like to extend my thanks to everyone who took the time to give their views.”