March 30, 2020 11.03 am This story is over 49 months old

RSPCA rescues pregnant cat stuck in plastic bracket

The RSPCA has launched an emergency appeal for donations

A pregnant cat was found underneath a fridge with a plastic bracket stuck around her neck in a Lincolnshire village.

The cat had managed to get underneath an industrial fridge in an outbuilding at a pub in Fosdyke, Boston on Wednesday, March 25.

A plastic bracket from a gutter downpipe had become stuck around her neck, which was carefully removed by the RSPCA who have since launched an emergency appeal for donations.

The feral animal has now been taken to a private boarding establishment, who will care for her on the RSPCA’s behalf until she has had her kittens.

RSPCA staff trying to free the cat. Photo: RSPCA

Justin Disdale, RSPCA Animal Collection Officer, said: “I’d already been to look for the cat once but couldn’t find her so went back to set a cat trap.

“I was just doing so when my colleague, who was looking around for her, noticed a pair of eyes peering at him from underneath an industrial fridge.

The plastic bracket was removed. Photo: RSPCA

“The gap was only about four inches so we had to use a grasper to get her out but she was fine and was a whole lot happier once we’d got her free of the bracket she was wearing like a collar!”

The week before, the RSPCA were called to woodland in Scunthorpe, where a dog was found abandoned and tied to a tree.

Animal rescuers at the RSPCA have been designated key workers by the government. Although RSPCA centres have closed to the public, the charity is continuing an emergency-only service through the lockdown period.

The feral animal has now been taken to a private boarding establishment. Photo: RSPCA

Emergency appeal

The RSPCA is currently caring for 3,288 animals across England and Wales and vital funding is needed to keep the rescuers out on the road. Since the crisis deepened at the beginning of March, the charity’s animal cruelty line has received nearly 60,000 calls (as of March 26).

The charity is also facing a huge financial strain from the coronavirus crisis and it has now launched a national emergency appeal, supported by comedian and animal lover Ricky Gervais – click here to make a donation.

The RSPCA has launched a national emergency appeal, supported by comedian and animal lover Ricky Gervais. Photo: RSPCA

Dermot Murphy, Head of the RSPCA Rescue Teams, said: “This is a time of national crisis, and many of us are anxious about the future and our loved ones. This crisis has touched all areas of life and the RSPCA is no different. As we all face the biggest challenge of a generation, the RSPCA must continue to be on the frontline, rescuing and caring for the animals who need us most.

“Our rescuers, vets and nurses have been designated key workers by the government which means we can carry on saving animals from cruelty and neglect but we rely entirely on generous public donations to fund our vital services.

Dermot Murphy, Head of the RSPCA Rescue Teams. Photo: RSPCA

“We are facing immense challenges and huge pressures on strained resources, but our hugely dedicated teams are out there dealing with emergencies and our centres continue to deliver vital care to thousands of animals, with more expected in the coming weeks.

“We know that this is a difficult time for everyone but we simply cannot turn our back on animals who are suffering and we are appealing for animal lovers to give whatever they can to help us.”

In 2019, RSPCA rescuers dealt with 3,894 welfare incidents in Lincolnshire.