May 20, 2020 5.41 pm This story is over 26 months old

Lincolnites keep their distance as the city basks in record temperatures

The hottest day of the year saw some socially distanced signs of life in Lincoln

Lincoln city centre was as quiet as it was warm today, with people observing the social distancing guidelines on the hottest day of 2020 so far.

Temperatures hit 27 degrees Celsius today across the county, and the people of Lincoln were enjoying it.

The Arboretum near Monks Road was a particularly popular area for the public today.

Some may have just wanted to get out the house, others were looking to take in the blossoming scenery.

A spot of reading in a sun trap. Photo: Steve Smailes

While there were plenty of people spotted at the park today, they were all observing social distancing impeccably, as per Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s announcement last weekend.

Blazing heat calls for one thing, get your shorts on! Photo: Steve Smailes

As for Lincoln’s High Street, that was a shadow of its usual self, with shops closed and paths bare.

As the sun shines on Lincoln, people are remaining vigilant in lockdown. Photo: Steve Smailes

Cornhill Quarter remained desolate, probably due to the fact that McDonalds is closed!

With McDonalds still closed, it cuts a lonely figure in Lincoln. Photo: Steve Smailes

There was some sign of life in the centre of Lincoln, with the benches by the river getting some use.

A family enjoying the sun on the bench at Lincoln central market. Photo: Steve Smailes for The Lincolnite

Despite lockdown, companies have been trying their best to stay open while maintaining social distancing, with the butcher in Lincoln central market being no exception to this.

Butchers in central market is still open for business. Photo: Steve Smailes

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