July 24, 2020 10.35 am This story is over 46 months old

Lincolnshire PCC fed up with “selfish” lorry drivers on A46

He says it creates needless tailbacks

Lincolnshire Police and Crime Commissioner Marc Jones is “sick to death of selfish HGVs crossing two lanes” on the A46 around Lincoln, calling lorry drivers who do this “total twonks”.

In a rant on Twitter, he said that it stops the appropriate use of both lanes by drivers and not only creates excessive tailbacks, but also blocks emergency vehicles.

A trucker, known on Twitter as Dangerous Dave, who sees “hundreds of idiots” on the roads a day, pointed out that he doesn’t do it as it is illegal. He added that the road is signed clearly to use both lanes when queuing.

In response to the trucker, Marc Jones said: “Most truckers are amazing. The rubbish driving they must see and put up with must be quite something.

“Just like every community there’s always those who will be selfish, but that doesn’t make everyone culpable or liable you act in the same way. Always worth remembering.”

Lincolnshire’s PCC also responded to car driver Charlotte Ashley who said “I detest the folk that zoom on by and push their way in at the end.”

The PCC said: “‘Pushing in and appropriately merging in turn are not the same thing. It’s about using the roads correctly not selfishly. That applies to people in both lanes and all vehicles equally.”