August 18, 2020 1.30 pm This story is over 45 months old

Man avoids jail for craft knife attack at Lincolnshire campsite

He turned violent when asked to turn down loud music

A man who slashed someone with a craft knife after an argument over loud music being played at 4am has been given a suspended jail sentence.

The incident at the Rose and Crown camp site at Holbeach Hurn began when the occupiers of a neighbouring plot complained about music blaring out from another group staying at the site.

James Armstrong-Holmes, prosecuting, said: “It was like they were having a party and there was no possibility of getting any sleep.”

The prosecutor said that Sarah Woodfield approached the group who were responsible for the noise and asked for the music to be turned down.

The reaction was that one of the women in the group became aggressive and threatened Mrs Woodfield.

Graham Mellor, who was with the group playing the music, then became involved and violence erupted.

Mr Armstrong-Holmes said: “Mrs Woodfield’s husband went outside and the first thing he saw was a woman punching his wife in the face.

“Graham Mellor then struck Mr Woodfield on the back of the head with a metal torch.

“Mellor then got out a Stanley knife which he used to slash out at Mr Woodfield giving the impression he was trying to slash his throat.”

Mr Woodfield put his hands up to defend himself and his hand was slashed.

He was bleeding heavily from the wound and made his way to the pub on the site in a bid to get help.

Police were called to the scene and found Mellor sitting outside his caravan. He claimed he had been attacked and any injury that he caused was accidental.

Mellor, 54, of Worsley, Greater Manchester, admitted a charge of unlawful wounding as a result of the incident on May 26, 2018.

He was given a 21 month jail sentence suspended for two years and ordered to pay £400 compensation to his victim.

Judge John Pini QC told him: “Had you come before the court sooner you would very likely have gone straight to prison.

“Let this be the last time you sit in the dock of a Crown Court.”

Nick Bleaney, in mitigation, said that Mellor is in poor health and is awaiting a triple hernia operation.

“It was due to be undertaken pre-lockdown but it never took place.”

Mr Bleaney added that Mellor went to turn the music off after the complaint was made but his wife turned it back up again.