November 19, 2020 1.40 pm This story is over 42 months old

Councillors argue over what to do with 70,000 tonnes of soil

Keadby 2 power station developers bid to save £2.8m

Councillors in North Lincolnshire have told developers come up with better ideas to use some 70,000 tonnes of soil dug up to build Keadby 2 power station.

Keadby Developments Ltd wanted to put it in two large mounds of approximately 6m tall each opposite North Pilfrey Farm.

The  developers suggested the two earth mounds would enable new wildlife habitats and self-vegetate over time, assimilating into the rural landscape.

This is all in a bid to save some £2.8 million, as forming the earth mounds would prevent the soil being transported in many lorries to landfill, costing about £40 to move one tonne.

This is where they’d want to put the two huge mounds of soil. | Photo: North Lincolnshire Council

But Councillor John Briggs said in a planning meeting on Wednesday that “this in effect will be just large spoil heaps and will be detrimental to the visual amenity.”

Councillors unanimously urged developers to look for other opportunities for this soil to be used to help the people in the community, not just the environment.