January 28, 2021 11.30 am This story is over 40 months old

12 flood alerts for Lincolnshire as Grantham village sets up barrier

More rain forecast over the next five days

There are currently 12 flood alerts in place affecting Lincolnshire and a village near Grantham experienced flooding in the streets and around some properties.

There was further heavy rainfall across the upper Witham catchment overnight.

Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue set up a temporary flood barrier to protect two properties on the Bourne Road estate in Colsterworth.

A spokesperson for Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue said: “We were called at 8.19am to the Bourne Road estate at Colsterworth, to a poly boom pipe puncture.

“The Grantham crew attended, where they fixed and bolstered the flood barrier and diverted the water. They left at 10.57am.”

Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue added that they were called out to one further flood related issue in the county on Thursday morning.

South Kesteven District Council have also been seen dropping off additional sand bags in the area.

Fire crews set up a temporary flood barrier. | Photo: R S Mortiss

It has been impacting on some resident’s properties and gardens. | Photo: R S Mortiss

The government’s flood information service said this may lead to flooding of low lying lands and roads close to the river from Thursday morning.

Flood water is also running off from a field between the estate and the A1 for the fourth time in just over a month.

River levels are rising again and expected to remain high throughout the next few days.

Flooding is affecting some roads in the area. | Photo: R S Mortiss

Some properties in the area have been affected. | Photo: R S Mortiss

The council has dropped off additional sand bags in the area. | Photo: R S Mortiss

The 12 flood alerts affecting Lincolnshire currently in place at the time of publication are:

  • East and West Glens
  • Minor Watercourses from Heighington to Dunston
  • River Devon and Smite in Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire
  • River Idle in Nottinghamshire
  • River Trent from Cromwell Weir to Gainsborough
  • River Wreake in Leicestershire
  • South Forty Foot Drain
  • Tributaries of the lower River Witham from Blankney to Sleaford
  • Welland tributaries
  • Welland Valley
  • Witham in North Kesteven
  • Witham in South Kesteven

See the latest flood warning and alerts information here.

The Environment Agency are constantly monitoring river levels and have staff in the field checking for blockages and clearing weed screen.