April 9, 2021 11.54 am This story is over 14 months old

Local Elections 2021: The City of Lincoln Council candidates

The candidates for the Lincoln council elections

Almost 50 candidates in 11 wards are standing in the City of Lincoln elections next month.

Voters will go to the polls on Thursday, May 6 to choose who they want to represent them in at the city council for the next four years.

Labour has overall control of the council with 24 seats, while the Conservatives have nine and needing to gain eight seats for a majority.

People have until April 19 to register to vote to take part in the election.

Below is a list of candidates for each ward in full. Councillors defending their position are highlighted in bold. One councillor per ward will be elected this year.


  • Hansard, Roger (Conservative)
  • Moore, Val (Labour)
  • Penman, Donald (Reform UK)
  • Smalley, Clare (Liberal Democrat)
  • Yates, Kenneth (Green)


  • Chapman, Stephen (Liberal Democrat)
  • Gowen, Paul (Labour and Co-operative Party)
  • Radford, John (Green)
  • Strengiel, Eddie (Conservative)


  • Carvalho, Daniel (Conservative)
  • Parker, Charles (Liberal Democrat)
  • Tooke, Simon (Green Party)
  • Watt, Calum (Labour and Co-operative)


  • Choi, Jack (Conservative)
  • Craven, Oliver (Liberal Democrat)
  • Preston, Lucinda (Labour and Co-operative)
  • Readings, Aston (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)
  • Shaw, Charles (Liberal Party)
  • Watson, Nicola (Green)


  • Haigh, Norman (Green)
  • Nannestad, Donald (Labour)
  • Storer, Rachel (Conservative)
  • Turner, Aidan (Liberal Democrat)


  • Beardmore, Jacob (Conservative)
  • McKenna, Fiona (Green)
  • Metcalfe, Ric (Labour)


  • Charters, James (Liberal Democrat)
  • Clarkson, David (Conservative)
  • Ellis, Adelle (Labour)
  • Parr, Matt (Green)


  • Dale, Richard (Liberal Democrat)
  • Storer, Mark (Conservative)
  • Wells, Joshua (Labour)
  • Wilkinson, Valerie (Green)


  • Atkinson, Ben (Liberal Democrat)
  • Ellis, Geoff (Labour)
  • Fido, Matthew (Conservative)
  • Padley, Christopher (Green)


  • Burke, Chris (Labour and Co-operative)
  • Chapman, Natasha (Liberal Democrat)
  • Horscroft, Sally (Green)
  • Parker, Nick (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)
  • Sperrin, Liam (Conservative)


  • Guthrie, Deborah (Reform UK)
  • Hutchins, Joshua (Labour)
  • Mara, Bill (Conservative)
  • Parr, Amanda (Green)
  • Uldall, Sarah (Liberal Democrat)