May 21, 2021 11.27 am This story is over 14 months old

Sculpture encourages Cleethorpes to recycle, highlighting bird migration role

Honouring Cleethorpes as the ‘motorway service station’ for birds

A second pro-recycling sculpture has been unveiled at Cleethorpes beach, meaning there is now a giant fish and a globe on the seafront.

The globe can be found on the North Promenade after being introduced to the public on Thursday, and it will be joining the 300kg Hammy the Haddock sculpture which was installed in October.

The sculptures have been introduced to Cleethorpes in the hopes of encouraging the local community to keep the beach clean and recycle their plastic bottles.

The globe stands at two metres tall and illustrates the role played by Cleethorpes in one of the largest mass migrations of animals in the world.

It will sit proudly at the seafront and can be used to recycle plastic bottles. | Photo: North East Lincolnshire Council

Cleethorpes is on the banks of the Humber Estuary, and each year 90 million birds fly along the East Atlantic Flyway, following the coastlines from the Arctic, Europe and into Africa.

The seaside town operates a bit like a motorway service station for these birds, as the rich feeding grounds in Cleethorpes provide a rest stop.

In tribute to this, the globe will have the international bird migration route added to it, in order to showcase the journey birds take during their travels.

The sculpture was designed and created by Blackrow Engineering and took over 350 hours to complete.

You’ll do well to miss Hammy on the Central Promenade. | Photo: NELC

Cllr Callum Procter, portfolio holder for Tourism, Heritage and Culture at North East Lincolnshire Council, added: “The team at Blackrow Engineering have done an excellent job in designing and creating this magnificent sculpture for the North Promenade in Cleethorpes.

“I’m grateful to Blackrow and all the other sponsors and those who donated via the crowdfunding campaign to kindly support this project to bring a stunning new attraction to the seafront.

“By highlighting the important role Cleethorpes plays in one of the largest mass migrations on the planet, we hope more people will respect the resort and make the effort to keep it litter-free.”

You can find out more about Cleethorpes’ role in the East Atlantic Flyway by watching the Humber Nature Partnership’s documentary here: