June 9, 2021 11.24 am This story is over 29 months old

Chris Moyles, the saviour of Lincoln transport? He gets our vote!

Plus, a shout out to The Lincolnite

Broadcasting giant Chris Moyles playfully brought Lincoln’s public transport woes back onto the airwaves on Wednesday morning, treating the city to an election-worthy pitch of fixes.

The national radio DJ Chris Moyles joined in calls for Uber to be introduced in Lincoln to combat the taxi shortages.

Anticipating this very follow-up story, the Radio X show’s team appeared to be delighted their discussions about Chris’ recent trip to the city were featured on The Lincolnite

Somewhat bemused, Chris declared that he had “kind of made the news” and “stumbled into a debate” after his comments on taxis in Lincoln during a visit here made headlines in the city.

The celebrity DJ visited Lincoln on Sunday, where his brother, who recently celebrated his birthday, and sister-in-law live.

During his trip around the castle and cathedral (as well as Brown’s Pie Shop and Back to Mono), Chris criticised the waiting times for a taxi in the city.

He said he had waited around three hours for a taxi, and couldn’t believe that a city (as amazing as) Lincoln didn’t have Uber.

“If I can change things for the better in Lincoln, I will do what I can,” Moyles said.

“Now lockdown is being eased, there’s more demand for drivers; fewer drivers and more demand equals longer waiting times [that’s what we reported, of course].

“Uber could come in, you might not like that idea, but it will still be local drivers, or failing that you could look out for more drivers for work.

“I did enjoy my time in Lincoln. Any day now I will be brought into the local council to fix the taxi situation.”

Chris was then made aware of the story we wrote involving his visit, and producer Dominic Byrne called it “a very thorough and very good article” — thanks Dom!

Chris was flattered by his description of “broadcasting royalty” and responded by (rightly) saying: “Too bloody right I am!”

During the show, Chris was warned that “everything you say, word for word, will end up in the local news,” and low and behold, they weren’t wrong.

After reading it out live on air, it was rounded off with applause from the breakfast show team, a touching moment for everyone at The Lincolnite while having our morning coffee!

Chris rounded off his Lincoln-based segment by singing the national anthem, but changing the lyrics to hilariously incorporate Lincoln and its features.

Mentions of the pubs, the castle and the cathedral were rife, as were the lack of taxi services, and if Chris does want to join the local council, he certainly would get our vote!

You can listen back to the show and hear Chris and the team read out our stories by visiting the Global Player website and listening on catchup.

And Chris, you’re welcome back to the city, and indeed the newsroom, any time.