June 11, 2021 4.43 pm This story is over 33 months old

The saga of Chris Moyles and The Lincolnite: Lovely Lincoln compliments and taxi revolution

A whirlwind week, thanks for being a great sport Chris!

By Local Democracy Reporter

This week has been quite an unusual one for The Lincolnite, as we have been involved in a quite brilliant back-and-forth with legendary radio broadcaster Chris Moyles.

The tale of Chris Moyles and The Lincolnite is a complicated one. It all started on Sunday, June 6, when the radio DJ paid a visit to Lincoln, where his brother and sister-in-law live.

He discussed his visit on air on Radio X’s breakfast show, paying compliments to our “beast” of a cathedral and the castle, while also mentioning his trips to Brown’s Pie Shop, The Mouse House Cheese Company, and Back to Mono.

Chris did offer some constructive criticism of the city, hitting out at a three-hour wait for a taxi, and saying the fact Uber is not operating in Lincoln is “weird and unbelievable”.

Lincoln taxi firms had recently told The Lincolnite that the demand as a result of lockdown restrictions being lifted has outweighed the driver supply in the city.

The story we wrote about Chris’ Lincolnite shoutout and visit was read out to his Radio X listeners the next, and even got a round of applause from the breakfast show team!

After reading this story on air, Chris joked that he had “stumbled into a debate,” but he vowed, somewhat tongue-in-cheek, to fix the lack of taxis in Lincoln.

He said on Wednesday’s show: “I did enjoy my time in Lincoln. Any day now I will be brought into the local council to fix the taxi situation.”

Somewhat ironically, Chris was warned that “everything you say, word for word, will end up in the local news”, and well here we are now, proving that point to be 100% correct.

Chris again mentioned us on Thursday’s show, bragging that “I’ve made The Lincolnite three days on the bounce, but I can’t talk about it because the third article was about me talking about their story,” and he even preempted that we would write about it.

“So if I were to talk about that, it would be ‘Chris Moyles talked today about the fact we wrote a piece about him where he talked about the fact that we’d written a piece about him’.

“It’s kind of like the Bohemian Rhapsody video where they all kind of zoom into one, it’s just never going to stop.”

It’s great to know that Chris understands the score, and we’ve had great fun going on this weird but wonderful journey with you, especially considering it only started with you coming to the city for the day.

The next time you are in Lincoln, Chris, be sure to let us know and we will take you sightseeing, perhaps on a pub crawl, or maybe even a tour of our newsroom, choice is yours!

You can listen back to The Chris Moyles Show to hear Chris and the team discussing our stories this week by visiting the Global Player website and listening on catchup.