July 29, 2021 12.01 pm This story is over 28 months old

Euro 2020 final restaurant vandals banned from Sleaford pubs

The town came together to help the business back onto its feet

Two youths suspected of criminal damage at an Italian restaurant in Sleaford have been banned from all pubs and bars in the town.

The vandalism at Tiamo on Sleaford Market Place happened in the hours after England lost to Italy in the final of the European Championship on July 11.

The outdoor seating area was smashed up, with the senseless behaviour reportedly filmed by drunken perpetrators.

Sergeant Stuart Mumby-Croft from Lincolnshire Police said: “I can confirm that both suspects have been identified and spoken to by police and are being dealt with for causing that damage.

“Further, both suspects have this week been issued with bans from all pubs and bars in the Sleaford area thanks to their clear demonstration of how they behave after too much to drink.”

Chairs ruined, I wonder if whoever did it feels better about themselves now. | Photo: Tiamo Italian

He added that the ban was not the first to be issued to drunken and abusive revellers in the town.

“Another ban is being served today on a male who was aggressive and abusive to bar staff when drunk in Sleaford over the weekend.

“If you cannot handle your drink and you cause issues in the town centre on a night out, we will work with Pub Watch and seek to take your choice to go out, get drunk and cause problems out of your hands.”

Tiamo Italian recently took to social media to thank the local community who had supported the business through the ordeal.

They wrote: “Thank you so much to the whole of the Sleaford community for clubbing together yesterday to help us. Your help, your support and your kindness has been incredible.

“There’s too many people to mention, but from going to Grantham to buy trellis, getting wood, turning up with drills and screwdrivers, fixing furniture, getting furniture, sending flowers, leaving voicemails, bringing cookies, fundraising and donations, sending videos of the culprits, messages of support.

“You’re all amazing people and THIS is Sleaford.”