August 25, 2021 12.02 pm This story is over 26 months old

Graffiti scrawled across sculptures and signs in Boston

“Graffiti and vandalism will not be tolerated”

Mindless graffiti has been found scrawled on stone sculptures and signs around Boston.

The graffiti, on the stone sculptures at Windsor Bank, on the Geoff Moulder Leisure Centre sign and on the side of the Malatan building, has been found over the past couple of weeks, and appears to have a recurring theme with symbols scrawled in black paint. One piece of graffiti is a pentagram (five-pointed star) which can have magic or satanic connotations.

The graffiti has now been cleaned and CCTV images are being reviewed from the cameras at the Geoff Moulder centre.

Graffiti was found in areas including on stone sculptures at Windsor Bank. | Photo: Boston Borough Council

Boston Borough Council said it is hoped the offender(s) will soon be identified so that appropriate action can be taken.

It added that the incidents are a form of anti-social behaviour that is illegal and not tolerated by Boston Borough Council and Lincolnshire Police.

Those identified could find themselves in front of the courts and served with a large fine, as well as having to pay substantial clean-up costs. The people responsible are being encouraged to come forward and identify themselves as doing so may prevent court action being taken.

Graffiti including what appears to be the word ‘Legion’ was found on the the sign at the Geoff Moulder Leisure Complex. | Photo: Boston Borough Council

Councillor Paul Skinner, leader of the council and portfolio holder for community safety, said: “The recent spate of graffiti in the area of York Street and Rowley Road has been cleared by the team at Boston Borough Council and is being investigated by the police to prevent further defacement.

“Our Boston Town Area Committee (BTAC) maintenance team work hard to keep our town a clean and safe place for our residents to live and we remind those that graffiti and vandalism will not be tolerated.”

If you know who the person(s) is who have vandalised these areas, the council is urging people to come forward now by reporting it here or via email at [email protected].