September 16, 2021 5.02 pm This story is over 32 months old

Lincolnshire firefighters raise £500 in charity record hose challenge

They are waiting for two world records to be verified

Over £500 was raised by Lincolnshire firefighters aiming for two world records during a charity challenge at the weekend.

Firefighters from Billingborough and the surrounding villages attempted the challenge, which consisted of running out lengths of 70mm hose (25 metres long) and rolling it up again.

The charity challenge took place at Billingborough Fire Station on Saturday, September 11. It marked the 20-year anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attack, bringing injured firefighters to the forefront of people’s minds again.

Harvey Chessum rolling out his hose.

Emma Schofield running the hose during the charity challenge.

Firefighters Michael Foster and John Overton during the charity challenge.

By the time of publication over £500 has been raised in online and offline donations – donations to the fundraiser can still be made here.

Since the event, the firefighters have submitted footage to Guinness World Records and face a wait of at least 12 weeks to find out if they have been successful.

The two records include a speed challenge of how many lengths of hose can be rolled out and back up in an hour. This would be a new record attempt, but a benchmark was set of 35 by Guinness, which was beaten by firefighter Peter Vince with a total of 41.

Peter Vince set a new world record for how many lengths of hose can be rolled out and back up in an hour (subject to verification).

Emma Schofield with her dog Oakley, Peter Vince, Dan Moss, Harvey Chessum with his daughter Amelia, John Overton and Michael Foster.

John Overton looking proud during the charity challenge.

Dan Moss, Harvey Chessum and Peter Vince rolling out lengths off hose and then back again for charity.

Dan Moss and Harvey Chessum in action during the challenge.

The challenge consisted of running out lengths of 70mm hose (25 metres long) and rolling it up again.

The other record relates to rolling out hose lengths to the height of Mount Everest, which if completed would be a new record depending on verification from Guinness World Records. The team of seven completed it in a time of two hours and 18 minutes for a total of 371 lengths.

Billingborough is an on-call retained fire station, so all its firefighters have other full-time jobs, including Peter Vince who is a registered care manager in Lincoln.

Peter was among those taking part and he told The Lincolnite: “Unbelievable amount of money raised as we didn’t think we’d get close to that and the total is still rising.

“I couldn’t have done it without my crew and we are very grateful for the village who turned up to support us on the day. We are hopeful we’ve got both world records and can’t wait to find out the result.”

Harvey Chessum, John Overton and Peter Vince working hard together to raise money for charity.

Michael Foster standing while fellow firefighter Peter Vince stops for water, and Emma Schofield and Dan Moss running hose.

Among those taking part in the challenge with Peter are Harvey Chessum, John Overton, Emma Schofield, Michael Foster, Danny Hill, as well as Dan Moss who is principal officer at Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue and a former retained firefighter at Billingborough.

All proceeds will be split evenly between The Fire Fighters Charity and LIVES.

The Firefighters Charity offer specialist, lifelong support for members of the UK fire services community. LIVES has a dedicated team of volunteers trained in life saving skills to respond to calls in their community.

Donate to the firefighters’ fundraiser here