September 3, 2021 11.12 am This story is over 26 months old

Watch Lincolnshire’s ‘most dodgy irresponsible driving’

You can upload your footage to police

A video showing the ‘most dodgy irresponsible driving’ in the county has been released by Lincolnshire Police as part of Operation Snap.

Operation Snap was launched in February for people to send video footage of suspected offences via an online portal for the force to view. Since launching, police have had more than 380 uploads of footage – not all show an offence, but when they do action is taken.

Four of the drivers in the video received fines and points, five attended a “What’s Driving Us?” course at a cost of £90, and there was no further action taken on the others. Driving offences can be reported here.

The video shows the following 10 incidents:

  • Driving in a closed lane – Attended a driving course
  • Overtaking on solid white lines – £100 fine and three points
  • Driving without due care – attended a driving course
  • Driving through a red light – no further action (low quality image)
  • Overtaking on solid white lines – attended a driving course
  • Driving without due care – attended a driving course
  • Driving through a red light – £100 fine and three points
  • Driving without due care – £100 fine and three points
  • Overtaking on solid white lines – £100 fine and three points
  • “And in worst place” – driving without due care – attended a driving course

Lincolnshire Police said they would like to see an increase in submissions and are encouraging cyclists, horse riders, drivers, and riders of motorbikes to get involved in providing a safer environment for road users in Lincolnshire.

Police said the type of offences from footage submitted are as follows:

  • Fail to comply with a lane closure traffic light signal – 3
  • Drive without due care and attention – 31
  • Fail to comply with a stop sign – 16
  • Drive without reasonable consideration – 31
  • Fail to comply with a solid white line – 22
  • Use a mobile phone while driving – 2
  • Stop within a pelican crossing – 2
  • Drive while not in proper control – 2
  • Fail to comply with a road sign or red light – 5

Police receive an average of 80 submissions per month. So far, 21 drivers have attended the “What’s Driving Us?” course, 14 have been issued with a fixed penalty notice, and 16 have received a caution. Of these, 38 were men and 13 were women.

The age range 20 to 29 years had the most offenders, with 14 drivers. The highest age range for men is 40 to 49 years, with nine offenders and 20 to 29 years for women, with seven drivers.

Police have also sent 135 warning letters to let drivers know they have been caught on camera, although, on the occasion filmed, no full offences had been committed.

Chief Superintendent Paul Timmins, head of specialist operations, said: “Many of the driving incidents captured could have ended in a very different way, we’re thankful they didn’t. Operation Snap is part of our work to reduce the number of people sadly killed or injured on the county’s roads.

“It is an easy tool where every road user can contribute to keeping our roads safer. If Op Snap prevents one serious collision then the initiative is worth it.

“The standard that people achieve when they passed their driving test is the standard for drivers. Where they fall below that standard we will take action and where necessary bring offenders to justice. We know that education works for most.

“I want to see the level of poor driving decrease in Lincolnshire and ask everyone to submit any footage they have where they believe there has been a traffic offence committed.”

Marc Jones, Police and Crime Commissioner for Lincolnshire, said: “Operation Snap is the latest initiative to come out of my Road Safety Summit and it is good to see it going from strength to strength.

“The scheme provides a real and practical opportunity for members of the public to report unlawful and dangerous drivers and help keep their communities and other residents safe.”