October 19, 2021 9.38 am

Labour and Independents form opposition on Lincolnshire County Council

Scrutinising the Conservative-led council

A Shadow Executive made up up Labour and Independent councillors has been formed as the opposition on Conservative-led Lincolnshire County Council.

Councillor Robert Parker, Labour Group Leader, will serve as Leader of the Opposition until the next Annual Meeting of the Council in May 2022. The role will then transfer to Councillor Phil Dilks, Independent Group Leader, for the following year.

This follows the agreement at the county council meeting on September 18 that the Labour Group and Independent Group should together be recognised as the opposition.

September’s council meeting also endorsed a protocol to alternate the post of Leader of the Opposition on an annual basis.

The eight elected members of the county council named as the official Shadow Executive are as follows:


  • Councillor Robert Parker – Resources, Communications, Commissioning, and Procurement
  • Councillor Julie Killey – Children’s Services including Safeguarding
  • Councillor Karen Lee – Adult Social Care, including Local Authority Public Health
  • Councillor Kev Clarke – Fire and Rescue, including Community Safety and Cultural Services

Councillor Robert Parker said:“This is a practical solution to make sure that there is a recognised Opposition to hold Conservative councillors and particularly the Executive to account for their actions.

“We will be doing so on behalf of the people of Lincolnshire. After all, the Council has a revenue budget of £505 million a year and a capital budget of £208 million: scrutiny of that level of expenditure is essential.

“We will also be putting forward our own policies as will the Independents. Where we agree with their policy proposals no doubt we will support them.”


  • Councillor Phil Dilks – Waste, Trading Standards, People Management, Legal and Corporate Property
  • Councillor Ashley Baxter – Economic Development, Environment and Planning
  • Councillor Marianne Overton – Highways, Transport and IT
  • Councillor Richard Cleaver – NHS Liaison and Community Engagement

Councillor Phil Dilks said: “Effective Opposition and well-informed constructive scrutiny in local government contributes to more robust and accountable decision-making. So it’s important that an agreement has been achieved which allows a functioning Shadow Executive to be established.

“We look forward to working creatively to offer positive and innovative proposals for the benefit of the people of Lincolnshire – whilst ensuring that the identity and integrity of both our groups is maintained.”

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