November 9, 2021 4.04 pm

Councils cautiously welcome RAF Scampton future plans

MP said it must “preserve the heritage” of the station

Councils are cautiously welcoming interest in major plans to transform RAF Scampton as the area’s MP says it can’t be “just another theme park”.

The plans, which made headlines yesterday, include a massive edifice to the Red Arrows, a 550 acre commemorative park for the RAF and Dambusters and a 65-acre filming and gaming studio.

The Horizon Park venture website outlines what developers want to create on the 8-900 acre site once it goes to tender by the Ministry of Defence and the Red Arrows move to RAF Waddington.

Those behind the plans said it will commemorate the site’s history, but also redevelop parts of it and provide “new and sustainable economic growth”.

A spokesperson for West Lindsey District Council said: “As residents will no doubt imagine, there is huge amounts of interest in the future of the site at RAF Scampton – and we are aware of a number of proposals that are being worked up.

“At this stage however, although the intention to close RAF Scampton at the end of 2022 has been announced, the site has not yet formally been put up for sale and therefore interest at this stage remains purely interest.

“We will continue to work closely with DIO (Defence Infrastructure Organisation), MOD (Ministry of Defence) and Lincolnshire County Council, as well as the local community to get the future uses of the site right.”

A Lincolnshire County Council spokesman said their stance was the same.

More images from the website showing some of the potential proposals. | Image: Horizon Park Website/

As well as the Horizon Park centre-piece – which will include cinemas and vintage trams – there are also initial plans for:

  • 110 acres of residential villages designed around the community
  • A 17 acre Academy of Excellence focusing on sustainable intensification of arable and grazing-livestock
  • A 38-acre business centre
  • A 16 acre centre for professionals and enthusiasts to restore aircraft and land vehicles
  • And a 65-acre “Arrow Studios” – a facility combining gaming and film techniques with a state of the art studio space

More images from the website showing some of the potential proposals. | Image: Horizon Park Website/

Gainsborough MP Edward Leigh told BBC Radio Lincolnshire on Tuesday: “The aim of this is to preserve the heritage of RAF Scamptom and the home of the Dambusters with a proper museum and not just turn it into yet another theme park. Otherwise what’s the point?”

Lincolnshire residents had mixed feelings over the plans with some praising the designs.

Ben Shearman said: “All sounds and looks good, we shall see how much actually comes off. But very very hopeful would be good to have this draw in the area”

Jill Lowery said: “What a great idea.” While Chris Forrest also said: “The plans look good.”

More images from the website showing some of the potential proposals. | Image: Horizon Park Website/

Meanwhile, others were sceptical the Horizon Park plans would end up going ahead.

Colin Toll said: “It will just end up as just another sprawling housing estate in the middle of nowhere.”

Ben Rook pointed out “they’ve not even managed to take the sample text and mock-up template pages off their website,” noting that if the site is in a smaller window, additional sections pop up, but are just template designs.

“Unless they are actually planning to build the Lorem Ipsum building,” he added.

Some detailed designs have been published on the Horizon Park website. | | Image: Horizon Park Website/

Warren Smith promised to stop leaving sarcastic comments on local news website’s social media “if there is anything built on Scampton that half resembles any of these computer images”.

Other suggestions included requests to re-route the A15 and to save buildings on the site including the Officers Mess and the grave of Guy Gibson’s dog.

Another visual of the Horizon Park designs.

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